Saturday, December 1, 2012

Netrunner Decklist: Weyland Consortium - Shareholder Deck

Moving upwards by bringing you down...

I call this my "Shareholder" deck due to the fact that it has a pretty even spread of cards between the other Corps, Weyland has been buying stocks!  Otherwise, it's a simple "Tag N Bag" deck that has worked EXTREMELY well for me thus far.  Play it safe till I get 2x Scorch Earth in hand or 1 and an archived memories to pull it back for a second use.  Once I have the cards needed for the kill, I like to sit on a ready-to-be-scored Posted Bounty for a turn, then at the start of the next turn score it to make sure I have sufficient clicks to go for the kill.  Easy, basic, and pretty straightforward...

Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World (Core)

Total Cards: (45)

Agenda (12)
And not a single F@&% was given...
3x Hostile Takeover
3x Posted Bounty
3x Priority Requisition
3x Private Security Force

Asset (3)
3x Snare

ICE (17)
3x Archer
3x Hunter
3x Shadow
3x Hadrian's Wall
3x Ice Wall
2x Data Raven

Operation (13)
3x Beanstalk Royalties
3x Hedge Fund
2x Aggressive Negotiation
3x Scorched Earth
2x Archived Memories

Upgrade (0)

Total Agenda Points: 21

Influence Values Totals -
 Haas-Bioroid: 4
 Jinteki: 6
 NBN: 4

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