Sunday, December 2, 2012

This Geek's Week...

Skyrim, Skyrim, and more Skyrim!


- Started my character up on Skyrim.  I can't explain why, but so far the Argonians are my favorite race in the game.  I imagine when Elder Scrolls Online drops, a majority of the people will be playing as the "Ebonpact", which is the Nords, Dark Elves, and Argonians.  Unless I can get more into either the High Elves or the Wood Elves, I may just have to suck it up and accept that I'll be a part of an "over populated" faction.

- Played several hours worth of MWO, entirely in my Commando 2-D.  Got into lances with other members of and they figured out a janky way to try and get full 8 man groups going, as a patch or two ago MWO decided to limit groups to a max of 4 despite the fact that matches are 8v8.  A lot of C-Bills were made, and I managed to add 2 more Atlas' to my kill tally as well!


- Been Playing Skyrim, and suffice to say, I still have "Dragon Age Syndrom".  What is DAS you ask? Well in Dragon Age, I spent so many hours just rerolling characters and/or playing through their initial stories.  I just kept doing it, until I finally settled down on character.  So far, Skyrim has been the same for me.  I keep rerolling, and trying new races, only to come to the conclusion that I still like the Argonians the best.  I've tried High Elf, Wood Elves, and the Khajiit to see if I could possibly get into the races in the "Dominion" for ESO, but they all seem to lack the "cool" or the "it" factor for me that the Argonians poses!


- More Skyrim.

- Played 3 games of L5R tonight at the shop.  I played my Scorpion Ninja, Magistrates, and my Crab Berserkers vs a new Crane player.  I won each game, but the Crane player did have some interesting stuff take place in each game.  1st game, my Ninjas kept bouncing off provences till I was finally able to swarm.  2nd game he ran high/fast enough honor that I feared my Magistrates might have stalled out till Nitoshi hit play and 1 or 2 decisive battles started the Dishonor really rolling.  Finally, he wanted to play vs my Berserkers.  I didn't get to attack until the start of turn 3, even after Border Keep uses and he actually held me off for my 1st 2 attacks with some good combos.  However, in the end, the strength 7 berserkers started to swarm.  I also gave him a ton of cards and helped him start to flesh out a theme for his Crane deck. between the last Scorpion game and the one vs my Crab.  Hopefully he'll stick with it, as he's on the right track once he gets more of the cards he needs.  


- More Skyrim today.  I really love that game!

- The Forgotten Legacy set I had pre-ordered arrived today!  I was finally able to build a Scorpion Paragon deck from it, but I'm still missing a few things.  I also tweaked my Magistrates and my Ninja decks with a few cards from the FL set as well.

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