Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Post of 2012

 I thought I would end the year with some images of some Cryx models I painted and sold.  They were posted before on a previous blog. (bonus points if you find my old blog)  Sadly, I had a huge fully painted Cryx army, but I ended up selling them off before I could take pictures of it all.  Here are what few pictures I do have...

Terminus... undefeated at the 35 point level.  Bane of my LGS!

Bane Thrall UA

Bane Thrall UA

Epic Skarre... another undefeated caster @ 35 pts

Ol' Gaspy...

Epic Goreshade... I just liked the character/model

In the past I've also had a fully painted Skorne army, Circle, Cygnar, and Gatormen army... which I have also sold!  I'll try and post up what pictures of those I have as well in the near future.  

As always, if you have any thoughts or comments, just let me know...

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