Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Initial Nerdy Plans for 2013...

So yeah, I'm doing one of those "new year's" posts.  however, unlike the typical "new year's resolution" crap, I'll simply be outlining my plans for all my nerdy, gamer type things for the coming year.

Gaming in General:
I'll probably be spending less time gaming and less time at the gaming store.  Not that one night a week at the LGS was much, but it made getting out and gaming something I was just expected to do.  Just another activity I did on Wednesday nights, making it in a way, less significant.  That said, I'm still going to keep playing L5R every 2nd Saturday, and I'm trying to work on getting back in the loop with my old gaming buddies to start gaming with them again.  I still plan on working on a couple of gaming projects, but in more of a "collector" capacity than anything.  Anyway, here's what stuff I'm looking forward to nerd-wise for the next year...

Board Games:
I've got to get away from the "oooh, I enjoyed playing that game, I MUST BUY IT" mentality.  My "to buy" list is pretty extensive because of this, and consists almost entirely of games that I've played once at my LGS then decided I'd like to own as well.  Problem was, we only ever seemed to play the original owner's copy.  in other words, I bought my own copy so it could sit on my shelf!  That said, there are a couple of games that will remain on my "to buy" list. I still want to buy "Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan" even though I have never played it, I'm just an L5R/Scorpion Clan fanboy.  The same goes for any future games set in the "Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones" series... again, I'm just a fanboy.  I also think I may start collecting games based on, around, or involving Ancient Rome. FORZA ROMA!  I'm still tempted to eventually pick up either Mage Wars, or Summoner Wars, as well as the DC deck builder, but it all depends on if I think I'll actually get to play them enough to warrant the purchase.  Finally, I'd like to see what gets done board game wise with Shadowrun in 2013...

I've got a couple of projects I'd like to accomplish.  First off, I'd like to pick up some more Battletech stuff.  A couple of mechs for my 3rd Royal Guard, as well as start up my Jade Falcon star.  I wouldn't mind painting what few models I have from DUST tactics.  I'd love to start playing DUST Warfare at some point, but I'm not gonna hold my breath for that!  I also wouldn't mind collecting a Killzone/Helghast themed Haqqislam force from Infinity.  I also wouldn't mind collecting a themed Warhammer Fantasy force, but I'll probably write up a post in the near future on my ideas.  I also wouldn't mind either finishing up my Eldar army, or start a special "40k collector's" type of project.  Again, more on that in a future post.  Mantic's "dreadball" also seems tempting.  Finally, I plan to keep my eye on Zenit miniature's Kensai range, Kingdom Death: Monster (although I think it's technically a board game), as well as what Catalyst does with Shadowrun miniatures wise in 2013.

Card Games:
I'm currently playing L5R as well as pretty much all of FFG's living card games.  I'm thinking I'll focus more so on L5R, and less on the LCG's.  Don't get me wrong, I like Netrunner and all the rest, but L5R has always been my card game of choice.  That said, the fanboy in me really wants to give the Star Wars LCG a try...

Pen & Paper RPGs:
Nope, STILL not into em...

Video Games:
The only real up and coming game on my radar is "Elder Scrolls Online".  I also wouldn't mind picking up Dawn of War 2, just to play around with it and scratch that 40k itch.  That said, I'm still working on several of the PS3 games I got recently: Skyrim, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dead Space, and FIFA 13. (GO SKC and AS ROMA!)  I'm also still into MWO, but as it is still only in beta, I'm not as heavily engaged in it as I used to be.  Hopefully that will change when the game is fully released.

With the new "Marvel NOW!" starting up, I was tempted to start collecting again, but it's a slippery slope, at 1st your only collecting 2-3 titles, but that can quickly get out of control and you'll find yourself collecting 10 or more titles. (I speak from experience) Instead, I'll stick to picking up trades as normal.  I recently ordered the new 52 Justice League, Green Lantern Corps, and GL: New Guardians.  Green/Red Lantern Vol 2 is about to be released as well, which is on my list to get.  I'd also like to find a good Avengers trade to get, and I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for another Moon Knight title to start up as he's been one of my favorite Marvel heroes for years. (unlikely I'm sure, but I can still dream!)

Eagerly awaiting the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.  I'm also still trying to get a hold of the rest of the Legend of the Jade Phoenix series from Battletech.  Finally, I'd like to get around to reading a few more 40k novels, but so far none are jumping out at me at the moment.

So there you have it, a brief look at my initial plans for all things nerdy in my life in 2013.  Like 95% of all other "new year's resolutions" all the above could easily get derailed and/or completely thrown out the window in as little as a month!  Only time will tell...

As always, if you have thoughts or comments, I'd love to hear em!  What about you, got anything "pinging" on your nerdy radar for the coming year?


  1. My major plans for the year are to try and get up to the game shop more then 4 times a year. I am also in the process of putting my painting kit back together so I can start painting minis again.

    1. More painted minis is always a good thing! =)

    2. Yeah I have not really painted much of anything in the last year, which is really sad.