Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pokemon League Deck - Dark/Bats

Here I'm going to take a look at my "Dark/Bats" League deck, but before I do, let start off by defining what I mean by a "League Deck".  Simply put, they are WIP decks intended for playing in the local Pokemon League, which can be a great spot to test out decks against a very broad spectrum of players.  As such, these league decks, while some may have roots in competitive deck styles, they may be a bit un-optimized, and could use some tweaking.  Some may even be just for fun.  Regardless, they are decks and deck concepts I'm enjoying, experimenting with, and will continue to further develop and tweak.  That is something I really enjoy in any card game, starting with a base deck, and continually developing it along the way... There you have it!  Now when you hear me refer to one of my decks as a "League Deck" you will now kind of know what I mean.  With that out the way, here's my "Dark/Bats" League Deck...

SPOILER FREE Book Review - Lord of Runes by Dave Gross

Lord of Runes
By Dave Gross

From the back of the book:
" Count Varian Jeggare and his hellspawn bodyguard Radovan are no strangers to the occult.  Yet when Varian is bequeathed a dangerous magical book by an old colleague, the infamous investigators find themselves on the trail of a Necromancer bent on becoming the new avatar of an ancient and sinister demigod - one of the legendary Runelords.  Along with a team of mercenaries and adventurers, the crime-solving duo will need to delve into a secret world of dark magic and the legacy of a lost empire.  But in saving the world, will Varian and Radovan lose their souls?"

Monday, July 27, 2015

This Geek's Week...

- Worked a bit on my "Saga Leftovers"...

- Picked up the "Battle Lance" box for Battletech, and have started working on them.

Tabletop Miniatures:
- Played a game of Saga vs Vikings, and finally won a game.

Card/Board Games:
- My order of singles arrived, so I built several new Pokemon TCG decks, including a Metal Rayquaza and a Gallade/Bats deck that I'm really liking.

- Played a game of Rampage with my daughter.

- Played 13 games of Pokemon at the Pokemon League.

Video Games:
- Played a bit of Pokemon TCG Online, Hearthstone, War Thunder, and Guild Wars 2.

- I binge-watched Attack on Titan to see what all the fuss was about.

Books & Comics:
- Finished up "Lord of Runes" by Dave Gross.  I've been in a bit of a Battletech mood lately, so I ordered "I am Jade Falcon" from amazon...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saga: 6pt of Teutonic Knights are DONE!

Recently, I finished up my 2nd unit of Warriors, which finishes up my base 6pt Saga army.  Basically, it looks like this:

12x Hearthguard
8x Warriors w/ Crossbows
16x Warriors on Foot

I'm still experimenting with different configurations during each game, but if you've been reading my "This Geek's Week" sections, you'll see that things have not been working out on the battlefield in my favor!  I've mentioned this before, but Ive got a few more models to finish up before I have EVERYTHING in my collection painted, and afterwards, I've really got to decide what I want to do next.  Pretty much I'm either going to start a Viking force, OR continue to tweak my Teutonic Knights in the form of more Crossbows and some mounted Warriors.  On one hand, a 2nd force means I can get even more practice at home, playing Vikings vs Teutonic Knights, yet on the other hand adding to THIS force means I can continue to experiment, learn the game/army even more before moving on, or just have extra options to field.

Either way, the rush to have a fully painted Saga army is over!


Monday, July 20, 2015

This Geek's Week...

Just another day at the Pokemon League...

- Worked some more on my Saga stuff, finishing up the 2nd group of foot warriors.  This finishes up my first 6pt force.  I've got a few extras to finish up, but I've started looking at what to do next.  Do I add more stuff to this one?  Start a 2nd force?  Not sure yet, but I've got time to decide...

Tabletop Miniatures:
- Played 2 games of Wings of Glory.

- Played another game of Saga, got my butt handed to me again!  I just cannot wrap my head around this game it seems...

- Played a game of
"Monster Killers" with my daughter.

Card/Board Games:
- Picked up a copy of Krosmaster Arena and Elder Sign from a friend for cheap.

- Played a couple games of Krosmaster with my daughter, and she really enjoyed it!  Now I gotta buy more stuff for it... More maps, new figures, etc.

- Played a game of Elder Sign with my daughter, and we got easily devoured by Yig!

- Purchased a TON of Pokemon singles... Multiple Rayquaza-EX's, multiple M Rayquazas, a couple of Shaymin-EX's, multiple  Gallade-EX's, and several M Gallades for a deck I want to test out, as well as some random dragon deck stuff...

- Played 1 home game of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter, and 8 league games.

- Played a game of Boss Monster with my daughter.

Video Games:
- Played a bit of my old games:  a bit of War Thunder, a bit of Guild Wars 2, even some TF2.

- Played more Pokemon OR, and managed to capture Groudon.  I also ended up using Groudon and Gardevoir to easily defeat the Elite 4 and League champion.  I was also finally able to evolve a Gallade.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SAGA- 1st batch of Knights and Warriors done...

Recently, I finished up 3 pts worth of Hearthguard (12 total) and 1 pt of Foot Warriors (8 total) for my Teutonic Knights in Saga.  It was a long process, and they may be a bit rough around the edges, but they are done, and I'm one step closer to having a fully painted Saga warband!  At this point, I'm seriously thinking that doing up some decals may have been the smarter move, but I'm committed to freehanding everything at this point, and once more, I'm mostly just trying to rush and go for a "tabletop standard".

Thus far, I have the following left to do:
1x Priest
8x HG Knights
8x Foot Warriors
2x HG Bannermen

I'm currently working on both the Hearthguard and foot warriors, but I have not started the priest, nor the bannermen just yet, as I don't really plan on using the bannermen anytime soon.  (I just had 2 extra guys left over, so i thought; why not?)

The question I have now, is do I keep adding to my Teutonic Knights in the form of mounted warriors? (i.e. sergeants from Fireforge) OR do I go ahead and start a 2nd army, most likely in the form of the Skraelings?  Choices, choices...


This Geek's Week...

- Managed to finish up the first 12 of my knights, as well as 8 of the foot warriors for Saga.  I've since moved onto working on the other 8 foot warriors and the other 8 knights that I added to the warband...

Tabletop Miniatures:
- Got in my 4th game of Saga, this time Teutonic Knights vs Steppes Tribes.  It was another loss, but I still had fun, and am still working out things.  Each game I end up coming up with some new strategy to try in the next one, eventually one may work!

- Played a quick game of Wings of Glory with my daughter.  She destroyed my engine on her first volley, so it was truly a QUICK game!

Card/Board games:
- Played a game of Rampage and Boss Monster with my daughter.

- Worked a bit more on my Koffing playmat, adding sections for my deck/discard, stadium, and prize cards.  I'm debating on further decorating it, but I also don't want to mess it up or create something that is too busy...

- Bought a booster box of Roaring Skies...

- Did some test games to prep for the upcoming tournament.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to bring Night March or my "DarkBats" deck. I made a few changes, did some more tests, followed by more changes.

- Watched a bit of the Pokemon TCG Nationals.

- Played in my 1st Pokemon Tournament.  I had fun, but went 1-2.  I took my "DarkBats", but in hindsight, I probably would have done a bit better with my Night March deck to be honest.  I came in with the only goal of checking out what the competitive scene at the shop looks like and to win a game or two. My 3 games were vs Landbats, VirGen, and a Wurmple/Thunderous deck.

- Played just two Pokemon league games, which was enough for me to get another Gym badge for my bag.

Video Games:
-  Still playing Pokemon ORAS a ton.  I've got my bred Ralts to a Gardevoir, and now have bred a Koffing and an Absol.  (I go by WuhSawBe on there)

- Played a bunch of Pokemon TCGO.  (Add me: WuhSawBe). It's funny, I was playing one night and ran into soooo many Wailord decks that people have copied from the Nationals.  It was pretty comical, really, but I did find out that it struggles vs Night March, and once you realize you are up against Wailord, the game is a no-brainer!  In one game, I had better deck control than the Wailord player did, AND I was hitting for 200 damage each attack... He could only bounce the wailords back so much before i caught up with him.