Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SAGA- 1st batch of Knights and Warriors done...

Recently, I finished up 3 pts worth of Hearthguard (12 total) and 1 pt of Foot Warriors (8 total) for my Teutonic Knights in Saga.  It was a long process, and they may be a bit rough around the edges, but they are done, and I'm one step closer to having a fully painted Saga warband!  At this point, I'm seriously thinking that doing up some decals may have been the smarter move, but I'm committed to freehanding everything at this point, and once more, I'm mostly just trying to rush and go for a "tabletop standard".

Thus far, I have the following left to do:
1x Priest
8x HG Knights
8x Foot Warriors
2x HG Bannermen

I'm currently working on both the Hearthguard and foot warriors, but I have not started the priest, nor the bannermen just yet, as I don't really plan on using the bannermen anytime soon.  (I just had 2 extra guys left over, so i thought; why not?)

The question I have now, is do I keep adding to my Teutonic Knights in the form of mounted warriors? (i.e. sergeants from Fireforge) OR do I go ahead and start a 2nd army, most likely in the form of the Skraelings?  Choices, choices...


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