Wednesday, July 8, 2015

This Geek's Week...

- Managed to finish up the first 12 of my knights, as well as 8 of the foot warriors for Saga.  I've since moved onto working on the other 8 foot warriors and the other 8 knights that I added to the warband...

Tabletop Miniatures:
- Got in my 4th game of Saga, this time Teutonic Knights vs Steppes Tribes.  It was another loss, but I still had fun, and am still working out things.  Each game I end up coming up with some new strategy to try in the next one, eventually one may work!

- Played a quick game of Wings of Glory with my daughter.  She destroyed my engine on her first volley, so it was truly a QUICK game!

Card/Board games:
- Played a game of Rampage and Boss Monster with my daughter.

- Worked a bit more on my Koffing playmat, adding sections for my deck/discard, stadium, and prize cards.  I'm debating on further decorating it, but I also don't want to mess it up or create something that is too busy...

- Bought a booster box of Roaring Skies...

- Did some test games to prep for the upcoming tournament.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to bring Night March or my "DarkBats" deck. I made a few changes, did some more tests, followed by more changes.

- Watched a bit of the Pokemon TCG Nationals.

- Played in my 1st Pokemon Tournament.  I had fun, but went 1-2.  I took my "DarkBats", but in hindsight, I probably would have done a bit better with my Night March deck to be honest.  I came in with the only goal of checking out what the competitive scene at the shop looks like and to win a game or two. My 3 games were vs Landbats, VirGen, and a Wurmple/Thunderous deck.

- Played just two Pokemon league games, which was enough for me to get another Gym badge for my bag.

Video Games:
-  Still playing Pokemon ORAS a ton.  I've got my bred Ralts to a Gardevoir, and now have bred a Koffing and an Absol.  (I go by WuhSawBe on there)

- Played a bunch of Pokemon TCGO.  (Add me: WuhSawBe). It's funny, I was playing one night and ran into soooo many Wailord decks that people have copied from the Nationals.  It was pretty comical, really, but I did find out that it struggles vs Night March, and once you realize you are up against Wailord, the game is a no-brainer!  In one game, I had better deck control than the Wailord player did, AND I was hitting for 200 damage each attack... He could only bounce the wailords back so much before i caught up with him.

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