Sunday, June 28, 2015

This Geek's Week...

- Worked a bit on my knights for Saga.  I'm working on the white layers for 12 of the knights, all at once.  It's a slow process, but once done, it will be all downhill from there.  I'm really hoping to have the Knights finished by the next time I post...

Tabletop Games:
- Made it up to the LGS again, and got in another game of Saga.  Teutonic Knights vs Norse-Gaels.  It was another loss, but I still had fun,  honestly, I'm mostly just trying to get comfortable with the battle board itself.  I'll probably set up a game or two in my basement to get in some practice, try working out some the kinks.  All in All, Saga is pretty awesome!

- I ended up playing another Saga game, and this time I wrangled my daughter in on it, since the goal was just to try and figure out the battle board a bit more.  She took control of the Crusaders and I played my Teutonic Knights.  I won, but geez, warriors are the BANE of my Hearthguard!

Card/Board Games:
- Picked up the Mega Rayquaza figure box, Rayquaza collection box, Mega Rayquaza Pin set, and the Absol Ex collection.  Finally, I let my daughter get the Blaziken tin as well.

- Played 5 home of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter.

- Played 16 games at the Pokemon League, and received 3 badges for my new Koffing bag.  Next weekend is a local tournament, and I think I'm going to give it a try...

- I'm also going with a theme for all my Pokemon League and tourney gear, and that theme is KOFFING!  He's on my deck case, and now I have him on a backpack.  I also ordered a blank, purple Playmat, and I drew him on there as well.  Finally, I'll round everything off with a fancy purple deck box, sleeves, and purple dice!

WIP shot of my mat...

TV/Video Games:
- I received Pokemon: Omega Ruby for Fathers Day, so I've been playing that a TON!

- I've also been playing the Pokemon TCG Online.  (Add me, I go by WuhSawBe)

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