Thursday, June 18, 2015

This Geek's Week...

- Worked on my Saga stuff a bit more.  I'm switching from working on the foot warriors, to primarily working on the Knights... As they'll make up a bulk of my force.  I've started working on assembling the final 10 knights that were my spares.

Tabletop Games:
- Played a game of X-Wing with my daughter.  It was Fett + an Academy Pilot vs Soontir Fel & Fel's Wrath.  I ended up winning, but my daughter played out a full game, and is getting better with the maneuvers.

- Played a game of "Monster Killers" with my daughter.

- Got to play a game of SAGA, and it was AWESOME!  4 pts of my Teutonic Knights vs Scots.  I lost, but had a blast!  I just loved the back and forth nature of game, where it's unclear just who the victor will be until the final round.  It was a very refreshing gaming experience!

- Went to the Pokemon League, but only got to play 1 game.  I did buy a few packs for my daughter, and she pulled the Ultra Rare Version of Mega Rayquaza EX.

- Played 9 home games of Pokemon with my daughter.

- I've also been watching a bit of the Pokemon UK Nationals on YouTube as the podcast: PTCGRadio posts em up.

Video Games:
- As always, playing plenty of the DS.  (smash Bro's, Pokemon Rumble, etc). Add me as a friend:  "WuhSawBe": 4785-7761-0040

- Also played a bit of the Pokemon TCG Online.  If you play, feel free to find me on there, I go by "WuhSawBe".

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