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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Romans vs Goths: 6pt SAGA AAR

I took so many pictures from my last 6pt game of SAGA, I figured I would do a bit of an After Action Report (AAR) from it.  By my count, this was my 6th time playing the Romans, and I faced off against the Goths for the first time.  (also form the A&A book)  I didn’t know my opponent’s exact composition, but I THINK it was something like: 

3x Units of warriors (5,5,6)
3x Hearthguard (5,5,6) 

While I brought:Warlord
2x Units of Bowmen (8,8)
2x Units of Warriors (8,8)
1x Unit of Hearthguard (4) **Filler unit
1x Unit of Levies (12) 

**As I mentioned before, I want to drop the HG for another Levy unit + Ballista 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What's New With WuhSawBe?

A Full CONGO Column in 3 days!

So little, and yet, so much has happened this last week....
(Going out of my usual order this time)

Monday, March 27, 2017

CONGO Update

As I said earlier, I've recently started up CONGO by Studio Tomahawk, and have a bit of an update on some hobby progress.  After doing a bit of research, I've settled on doing the British South African Company and the Matabele Tribe as my two forces.  I'll start with what I had picked up a week or two ago, which was a blister of Adventurers and Hunters from Northstar.

This pants-less chap is my Column's guide.  Based on reading about him from Northstar's site, he's a hunter who's preferred hunting garb is just a shirt/shoes.  I mean, if you think of tribesmen at the times, running around and hunting without pants isn't *that* strange.  In the game, he's supposed to know the terrain, speak the local language, and be able to set up trade and baggage handlers.  He seems like he'll be a good fit for all that!

What's New With WuhSawBe?

My Roman Warlord ain't to be messed with!

Hobby wise, since finishing up my intial 6 pts of Romans for SAGA, I've dove straight into CONGO.  I started out painting up a Guide and some Adventurers for my Expedition team.  I've settled on doing a British South African Company vs Matabele Tribe theme for my CONGO stuff.  I've been watching stuff online like the Rhodes minis series and the Shangani Patrol movie from the 70's, to get some inspiration.  After busting through my initial 4 models in about a day or so, I went out to the LGS and picked up a handful of BSAC Blister packs from Northstar, and a Zulu box from Warlords.  The nice about it all is that out of the one Zulu box, I managed to come up with a column (i.e. army) just a few points short of a full 100 pt column.  (Just need a blister of 2 more guys)  So yeah, $30 is all it took for me to get an ENTIRE army in CONGO, cant' beat that price!  I've since assembled the force, which took me longer than expected!  Hopefully painting them will go quicker.  I've also started assembling the BSAC as well.  They were more expensive, at about $9 a unit, and so far, I've got a small, 50 pt column for them.  My plan is to focus on the Matabele first, getting a fully painted army onto the table, and then switch over to completing the Brits.