Thursday, January 25, 2018

MHWorld Launch day! HYPED!

It's one day away, and I am SUPER HYPED for the launch and release of Monster Hunter World on Xbox One.  I plan to stream on Mixer most of the morning and into the afternoon.  I'm going in relatively "blind", as I've never played an MH title before, and I've steered clear of spoilers.  With a steep learning curve ahead of me, I'm hoping for some fun noob moments along the way!

Can't catch the early stream, don't have an account on mixer?  No worries, I save all my broadcasts, and you can always go back and watch them at a later time!  I'm still new to this whole streaming thing, so I'd love to get some helpful feedback!  I've been having a lot of fun with this new experience, and hope to see it keep growing!  Oh, and yes, I play wearing suits... suits are kind of my thing! #SuitUp

If you want more info about me, my stream, or other ways to contact me, links are below:

Twitter: @NerdsVsNinjas
Facebook: / NerdsVsNinjas
Instagram: / WuhSawBe

If you'd like to learn more about Monster Hunter World, and perhaps view some MH content creators that do a waaay better job than I do, then I suggest the following:

MHWorld Main Page:
Arekkz Gaming: On YouTube
Gaijin Hunter: On YouTube
The Carve Podcast: Soundcloud & many more

All of the above are GREAT MH resources that have helped keep me hyped for the game!  Go check em out!

Hope I see a few faces in the stream, if so, stop by and say hi!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

WuhSawBe: Coming to a stream near you!


I randomly decided the other day to try my hand at streaming on Mixer, which also led to a few new updates to the blog's logo and such.  I'm pretty excited, and while I don't have any grand expectations of being eFamous, I'm mostly just looking for a fun way to interact with others while gaming.  I'm starting on Mixer, streaming xbox titles, but who knows where things will develop down the road, I could end up on Twitch or YouTube, and I may even be able to one day stream tabletop games or "paint & chat" sessions... but I don't wanna get ahead of myself too much!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

My 1st game of 2018... a 4-player 40k FFA!

My 2nd game of 40k 8th edition was a giant 4-player free for all, and while I'm normally not a fan of multiplayer matches, as having never played a GOOD one in all my years of gaming, I can happily say this was probably the first enjoyable one I've ever participated in!

4 players. 4 races.  Lots of carnage!  The forces were the Aeldari (me), Astra Militarum, Tyranids, and The Black Legion, all in a modified 1250 pt Carnage scenario.  Note: this isn't really a play-by-play, rather, more of a highlight of the overall match.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Proud GamerDad moment: My daughter finishes her 1st Space Marine!

Her 1st Space Marine!

If you haven't been following for long, my daughter has been a pretty consistent gaming buddy of mine for quite awhile now.  So, when I recently started painting 40k models, of course she decided he wants to do so as well!  Pouring over a bunch of the fluff, she settled on Black Templars, mostly due to her love of knights, and partially due to me talking into collecting Easy Build Primaris Marines.

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 End Of Year Gamer Review...

Continuing the tradition of previous years, I like look back at the end/start of a year and sort of see "how I did" as a geek and a gamer.  Last year was a bit of a rough one, and while 2017 still had some rough patches, I think it ended on a high note.  If you like to read long lists, with a bit of ranting, this post is for you...

Strap in, it's a long one...