Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This Geek's (4) Week(s)...

New, lighter white...

Spartan Locke is my homeboi!
- Since I have no new models to paint, I decided to repaint my Teutonic Infantry for SAGA, so that resemble the latest reference I've seen.  Originally, the grey color I used was too dark.

- Tried and failed once more to craft some bases for woods.  I just can't find something I'm happy with! The next method in going to try is to get some 40k "blob" movement trays, and just slot the trees onto the base, that way I can also change the tree configuration each game too.  I plan to get some removable "plugs" to fill in the unused holes in the base.  Hopefully that will solve my issue once and for all...

- Picked up a Spr√ľkits model of Spartan Locke, which is now assembled and on my shelf.

Wish I could find players! =(
  Card/Board Games:
  - Played a game of   Krosmaster Arena with my daughter.

  - Played a solo game of Weiss Schwarz.  I'd really like to play   that more, but I cannot seem to find anyone in my area that is interested.  It was Sword Art Online vs Attack On Titan, with AOT winning...

- Tried to play a game of the DC Deckbuilder, solo, but got kinda bored part of the way through...

Agent WuhSawBe has been activated!

Video Games:
- On the Xbox, I've played Disney Infinity with my daughter, and I've also played a bit of Magic The Gathering: Duels on there too.  I've also played a bunch of Halo, as well as Star Wars Battlefront, which for some reason I tend to place consistently high in, unlike how I do in Halo.... All of which has now stopped with the release of The Division.  I've been playing a TON of The Division, and am really enjoying it.  I should be at the level cap within a few days...

- Played some Pokemon super mystery dungeon on the DS.

- On my phone, I've been playing Drop Assault, Pokemon shuffle, and a TON of Hearthstone.

- Finished watching The Kancolle anime.  I've gone back to watching naruto in the hopes of one day catching all the way up.  (I'm 3/4 of he way through season 7)
Until Next Time,