Saturday, March 29, 2014

What would YOU like to see?

... and I will LOG it in! (see what I did there?)
Here's your chance to have an effect on the content I post.  I'm curious as to what you, the readers, (all 2 of you) would like to see more of?  Keeping in mind my current stint towards Historical Wargaming, what would you like me to start posting more of with my extremely limited free time?  Battle reports, army lists, painted miniatures, reviews, or maybe even something else entirely?  Maybe you have a game that has slipped under my radar that you think I should take a look at?

So, what would YOU like to see more of on here in the future?  My goal is to have my own little slice of the internet that from a geek standpoint is fun, informative, and entertaining...

Are you?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Geek's Week... or more like 2 weeks!

"No Time" pretty much sums me up lately...

Uhg, it feels like I have just had next to no free time the last few weeks so I have fallen behind in posting, and haven't done all that much in the geek department!  Let's see...

- Still working on my FoW stuff.  the problem is that I have run out of tank number decals and no shops in town seem to have them, same with my online sources.  It has kind of caused a stall, as I add the decals before I weather the tanks, so my platoon commander is just sitting there, all but finished.  I'm thinking I'll have to order the decals direct from battlefront.

- Picked up the Rampage board game, mostly for my 4 year old daughter.  We've played it a few times.

- Picked up the 4th deck for the Pathfinder ACG, but I have yet to play any of yet.  I also picked up the L5R version of Love Letter, because it was cheap and I kind of miss playing in Rokugan.

- Dabbled a bit in Hearthstone, but I've been playing a TON of War Thunder once again lately.  War Thunder is definitely my "go to" game it seems.

... that is it!  As you can see, not a whole lot to speak of for about 2 weeks.  Work seems to be killing any free time that I may have once had as I work six days a week until 9 or 10 pm.  So much so that my wife seems to think I should just find a different hobby all together, but I'm torn on that.  (though flying RC WWII planes does sound fun!)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Geek's Week...

My daughter would lose her mind over this pic...

- Worked on my FoW Panzer IV's.  The new Italy Books are supposed to come out Thursday, and I'm pretty excited!  I still have not been able to get in a game though...

- Finished reading the Hobbit.  I was gonna start on the rest of the LotR books, but changed my mind.  For some reason, I have a really hard time reading back-to-back books in a series, though I cannot really explain why.  For some reason, I feel like I even need to switch genres sometimes.  Thus I picked up "In the Name of Rome: The Men Who Won the Roman Empire" by Adrian Goldsworthy.  It's all about Roman warfare, the generals throughout the Roman Empire, and why they did what they did during their respective campaigns.

- Making up for last week, I played a ton of War Thunder.  (one day)  I gave another go at realistic battles because I like the nation vs nation aspect, but I cannot get a handle on the controls with using a mouse as its really more set up for a joystick.  I just feel like I can never bring my weapons to bear in RB.  I WANT to be an RB player, I really do, but I have a hard time with the fact that I suck so badly in RB but can turn around and often top the charts or at least have a good K/DR  in AB. (with my Germans anyway, my US planes are a bit iffy sometimes)  So, after a brief stint in trying RB again, I got frustrated and switched back to AB, with several good games.  I felt almost invincible in my bf-109 in those first games, as everyone I dived upon died instantly.  I had a such a good run for the first several, but in full disclosure, my last game was terrible!  Not sure what happened really, it was a night-fight mission, so maybe that threw my aim off or something, but long story short I lost all 5 of slotted planes.  Oh well, can't win em all!

- Started a six-player game of the Game of Thrones board game, but it seemed to take a bit too long and I only got about 1/2 way through.  I'm not sure if I'd constitute that as a "play".  I'm thinking next week I may try a 3 player game and see how that one goes.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

At what point does one become a "Historical Wargamer"?

If you have been following my blog for awhile, then you may have noticed that I have been bitten by the "Historical Wargaming" bug as of late.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy playing X-Wing, and every now and then I get the odd urge to start playing something sci-fi/fantasy related, but those urges are almost always pretty fleeting.  Historical stuff is a different story.  I have always been a lover of history, and something about historical wargaming just scratches a certain itch in my brain.  

In the past, I've listed out games that have been on my radar, and this time around I will be doing so again from a historical perspective.  However, unlike in my previous "radar lists", I absolutely WILL be picking each of these up at some point over the year.  Let me start with the obvious...

This Geek's Week...

/sigh... another week passes by with next to no gaming.

- Finished up my other sd.kfz 231 8-rad for my FoW army.  Starting to work on my remaining Panzer IV's.

- Played a bit of the Elder Scrolls Online beta.  (Yay, I can finally talk about it!)  In the past I have played a Nightblade Archer, Templar, and a Dragonknight.  This time around I'm giving the mage a bit of try along with revisiting the Nightblade.  Here's the thing about ESO in my humble opinion, (don't shoot me, please!) yes, I think it could have been done a bit better.  I would have loved if they just took a mix of oblivion/skyrim, and just threw us all in together.  The current version doesn't push the envelope enough in my opinion, the way the weapons and abilities level is interesting, but it doesn't feel different enough.  It doesn't feel truly Elder Scrolls inspired in regards to the abilities/classes.  Of course, what I just mentioned is not what sways me away from the game, I'm just merely stating I think it fell short of what I was hoping ESO would be.  It's not bad by any means, just it could have been better.  It still has the Elder Scrolls aesthetic, races, and lore, which is enough to make me want to play.  So what is my hang up?  Time, and the lack there of.  The $15 a month, doesn't bother me, I understand the need for it and its uses, but why pay for something I wouldn't have the time to play when I have plenty of free to play games that I love, but also have little time to play.  (Looking at you War Thunder)  So, needless to say, I enjoy the game, I WANT to play, I just do not have the time to devote to an MMO at the moment... any MMO.  Maybe (hopefully) that will change in the future...

Where do you guys stand on ESO?