Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Geek's Week... or more like 2 weeks!

"No Time" pretty much sums me up lately...

Uhg, it feels like I have just had next to no free time the last few weeks so I have fallen behind in posting, and haven't done all that much in the geek department!  Let's see...

- Still working on my FoW stuff.  the problem is that I have run out of tank number decals and no shops in town seem to have them, same with my online sources.  It has kind of caused a stall, as I add the decals before I weather the tanks, so my platoon commander is just sitting there, all but finished.  I'm thinking I'll have to order the decals direct from battlefront.

- Picked up the Rampage board game, mostly for my 4 year old daughter.  We've played it a few times.

- Picked up the 4th deck for the Pathfinder ACG, but I have yet to play any of yet.  I also picked up the L5R version of Love Letter, because it was cheap and I kind of miss playing in Rokugan.

- Dabbled a bit in Hearthstone, but I've been playing a TON of War Thunder once again lately.  War Thunder is definitely my "go to" game it seems.

... that is it!  As you can see, not a whole lot to speak of for about 2 weeks.  Work seems to be killing any free time that I may have once had as I work six days a week until 9 or 10 pm.  So much so that my wife seems to think I should just find a different hobby all together, but I'm torn on that.  (though flying RC WWII planes does sound fun!)

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