Friday, August 26, 2016

HALO Lootcrate Unboxing/Review


As some of you may recall, I bought into the HALO Lootcrate subscription, a few months ago, mere minutes of the offer going live, and the day finally came that it arrived on my front door!  This is my 1st lootcrate, so I really didn't know what to expect, and below if my full unboxing and review of the contents.  If you also picked up a subscription, and don't want the contents spoiled, I'd just skip this post!

Anyway, on with the review...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What's New With WuhSawBe?

Destiny - My current ship: The Waning Star

By Pherian
Since getting Destiny for my birthday, so much of my time had gone into it.  Early on, I pulled a lot of all-nighters, and it was pretty common for me to stay up until 2 or 3 am.  I ended up hitting level 40 (the level cap) in about 3 days, and have been slowly raising up my light level. (how they measure your overall gear quality). I've also been steadily raising up my KDR as well, now that I've figured out my preferred weapons and have started getting my aim down much better.  Lately, I typically end up anywhere from 1.0 - 2.0, with a few tanked games and some insane ones as well.  It has been lots of fun.  I've played the odd game of Halo here and there, but really I've been all about Destiny!  It's funny though, my time in Halo really has helped me out a lot in destiny, letting land a lot of trick shots with grenades and such, but swapping back and forth between games have been difficult.  At first in Destiny, I kept wanting to use Halo's boost, and then when I went back to Halo, I kept wanting to use Destiny's gliding mechanic.  Aside from that, I've played a little bit of PTCGO, again mostly just the daily stuff, but a few real matches here and there.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

PTCGO Daily Challenge Fire Deck...

I made a fun, little Fire Deck in the Pokemon TCG Online, that was intially meant just be able to do both the 12 KO and 7 Evolution Daily Challenges at the same time, and I've actually seen a bit of success as well!

As with a lot of my decks, I'm constantly tweaking and changing things here and there between matches, and this deck is no exception.  I'm sure you'd make your own changes to it as well.  The concept is pretty simple: pitch a lot of fire energy to the discard, in order to be able to instantly add it onto one of your EXs with Blacksmith.  Add to that the normal "1 energy per turn" and the extra from the Elixir, and you can see how this can easily start hitting for 100+ damage on turn 2!  Of course, this wont work in standard for much longer.  Delphox is in there not only to let you fulfill the "Evo Challenge" but his ability to draw cards and add energy is also nice as well.  His attack is also pretty nice, and has saved me in a few games when someone thinks they can shut down my deck by nullifying the EXs.

So, there you have it!  If you are looking for a fun, simple, deck to complete a few challenges with in versus mode, give this one a go!

- WuhSawBe -

Friday, August 12, 2016

My Daughter's Stormcast Eternals Army...

Recently, I became inspired to start up an Age of Sigmar project, and this time to help insure that I'd actually be able to get in a few games, I enlisted the aid my daughter!  She was drawn towards the Stormcast, Lizardmen, and Stormcast Extremis.  Seeing as I wished to build up my own collection of Khorne models, I decided to pick up a 2nd starter box for us to share.  One of the nice things too, is that she takes after me in the fact that she refuses to play with unpainted models just as I do.  So, I've been working pretty hard, and in just under two weeks, I managed to get the entire Stormcast half of the starter fully painted!

The idea was pretty simple: she dictated the whole scheme, told me what colors to put and where, all I did was execute.  Below is the outcome of the last two weeks worth of work.  I'm posting them in the order in which they were completed:

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's New With WuhSawBe?

Lately, I've become really inconsistent with my "This Geek's Week" posts, so I figured I would try a slightly different approach, in these new posts I'm calling: "What's New With WuhSawBe?"  Similar context, but a different delivery.  Let me know in the comments if you liked reading this new type of post, preferred the old style, or even just don't care at all!  *ahem* Anyway, on with the post!

What's New With WuhSawBe?
Up until a week or two ago, I had been in a bit of a "gamer funk" once again, the kind where you are not all that into gaming, not playing anything (outside of halo), and not working on hobby stuff due to not having any miniatures left to paint.  At the time, I had no desire to much of anything geek related either.  One of the local gaming stores ran the "Seasons of War" AOS campaign, and while I stopped by to check it out, I had little desire to play in it.  (Partially because I didn't have anywhere near the 2,000 points they want to play it)