Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What's New With WuhSawBe?

Destiny - My current ship: The Waning Star

By Pherian
Since getting Destiny for my birthday, so much of my time had gone into it.  Early on, I pulled a lot of all-nighters, and it was pretty common for me to stay up until 2 or 3 am.  I ended up hitting level 40 (the level cap) in about 3 days, and have been slowly raising up my light level. (how they measure your overall gear quality). I've also been steadily raising up my KDR as well, now that I've figured out my preferred weapons and have started getting my aim down much better.  Lately, I typically end up anywhere from 1.0 - 2.0, with a few tanked games and some insane ones as well.  It has been lots of fun.  I've played the odd game of Halo here and there, but really I've been all about Destiny!  It's funny though, my time in Halo really has helped me out a lot in destiny, letting land a lot of trick shots with grenades and such, but swapping back and forth between games have been difficult.  At first in Destiny, I kept wanting to use Halo's boost, and then when I went back to Halo, I kept wanting to use Destiny's gliding mechanic.  Aside from that, I've played a little bit of PTCGO, again mostly just the daily stuff, but a few real matches here and there.

My Favorite Khorne unit thus far...
Aside from Video Games, I finally made a trip to the semi-local GW store.  It has been open for years, but I've never checked it out.  Typically, I shop the local gaming stores I play at, but I ended up having to make a little road trip and it was on the way.  Originally, I was gonna pick up some AOS battletomes, but ended up picking up stuff to bring my daughter's Stormcast army up to 1,000 points instead.  I've also been working on my Khorne stuff as well, finishing up the Skullreapers and a 2nd Bloodsecrator.

Bloodsecrator #2
I also got in a few games of X-Wing with my daughter as well, she won one, and I won one.  We also got in a game of AOS, an escalation mission that I dubbed "the battle of the three towers".  It ended in another victory for the Stormcast, at 6-4 control points.  It was rough for the Bloodbound at smaller points because I couldn't bring my buff pieces like the Bloodstoker and Bloodsecrator on board until it was too late.  I also, once again, put too much confidence in the blood reavers.  It's good though that she's winning, and winning legitimately.  Finally, we played a game of Boss Monster as well.

The Battle of Three Towers
On the TV front, I took Dai's suggestion, and have been watching Dark Matter.  I've got a few episodes left. It's a strange fit, overall, and I can't put my finger on it.  In a lot of ways, it kind of reminds of Firefly, in that it is both good and bad.  The setting and story feels a bit cheesy, but it somehow works.  They do have a way of making each episode end with a cliffhanger, which is pretty cool, and the plot slowly unravels, taking you in the same journey the characters are on.  All in all, I'm liking it, BUT I can see it not being everyone's cup of tea.  If you do watch it, give it a few episodes, see if it sticks.

I think that pretty much sums up what I've been up to!  Until next time...
- WuhSawBe -


  1. Glad you tried it out. Hope they get the 2nd season up on Netflix by the end of the year.

    Nice to see you are tabletop gaming. The wee one sounds like she has a natural aptitude for beating the pants off of Daddy! ;P

    1. I really wish I could pinpoint my exact feelings on the show. I'm enjoying it, but I feel I'm on a razor's edge with it for some reason. One screw up with the show, and I'm out! It's a really weird feeling...