Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's New With WuhSawBe?

Lately, I've become really inconsistent with my "This Geek's Week" posts, so I figured I would try a slightly different approach, in these new posts I'm calling: "What's New With WuhSawBe?"  Similar context, but a different delivery.  Let me know in the comments if you liked reading this new type of post, preferred the old style, or even just don't care at all!  *ahem* Anyway, on with the post!

What's New With WuhSawBe?
Up until a week or two ago, I had been in a bit of a "gamer funk" once again, the kind where you are not all that into gaming, not playing anything (outside of halo), and not working on hobby stuff due to not having any miniatures left to paint.  At the time, I had no desire to much of anything geek related either.  One of the local gaming stores ran the "Seasons of War" AOS campaign, and while I stopped by to check it out, I had little desire to play in it.  (Partially because I didn't have anywhere near the 2,000 points they want to play it)

Test model for my daughter's paint scheme...
Maybe checking it out DID spark something in me though.  I decided if I really wanted to get in games, with 2 fully painted armies, the safest thing is start 2 armies myself!  My daughter had kind of wanted to start a combined Stormcast/Lizardmen army, and I could always use more Khorne models, so I dove in with a 2nd AOS starter box (keeping both halves this time), the General's Handbook, and a box Skullreapers! (My new favorite Khorne models!)

So, I've frantically have been trying to get my daughter's Stormcast painted, and it's been a joint effort: she dictates the entire the paint scheme, what colors to use, where to put them, all I do is execute... They are coming along pretty well too imho!  It won't be long before I have the rest of them finished.  (Then it will be time to work on Khorne stuff!)

She out-Khorned the Khorne army with a reckless charge!
The funny thing is too, she is just like me, and doesn't like to play with unpainted models, which is another motivation to get them painted on onto the table!  That said, I did finally convince her to try out AOS using her Stormcast stuff, since everything is basecoated.  I'm happy to say, she even won that game fair and square!

Aside from AOS, I've tried to fit in a few games of Halo here and there as well.  I'm still loving Warzone Firefight, and I typically do pretty good in that game mode.  Also on the Halo front, I watched a lot of the HCs pro league finals, but sadly, Cloud 9 (formally the Renegades) finished 4th after an awesome 2-0 lead vs Counter Logic Gaming, the team that went on to win the league.  With my bIrthday coming up (turning 34 on August 5th) I some of my birthday cash to have a 3D printed statue of my Halo Spartan printed!  I also picked a Halo Mega Bloks Warthog for cheap as well as 2 Spartan Demarco figures that also match my Spartan.  (Picked up 2 so I could shelf one and play with my daughter using the other)  I've also been playing a bit of Pokemon Go with my daughter, but I've started to slow down a ton, as the hype and the newness factor has definitely started to wear off.
Holding a Hydra in honor of my best comeback match...

TV wise, my Wife and I watched 2 seasons of "Penny Dreadful", which I liked overall, but it felt like it kind of started to go all over the place.  We also watched "Stranger Things" which was just ok.  The internet hyped the show up to such a degree, that I think I had my expectations a bit too high based on the hype.  It was fine, I just didn't feel that level of hype was warranted.  (And I'm an 80's kid)

So there you have it, that's kind of what I've been up to lately in the geek world.  I'll continue to plug away at the Age of Sigmar stuff, so expect a post about that as well.  Hit me up on Xbox (GT: WuhSawBe) if you ever wanna play Halo 5 or Destiny, just be sure to comment with your tag or shoot me a message before you invite me, as I typically ignore random invites if I don't know the person.

Until next time,


  1. Firstly, I like this update style better. Reads more personal.

    Secondly, Happy birthday! Hope it's a pleasant one for you mate. The Halo statue looks interesting. I'd be interested to learn of how good quality it ends up being.

    And C - Watch Dark Matter. Only one season on Netflix thus far (The 2nd is still showing on scyfi channel.) but it's bloody good.

    Fourthly - I like the Sigmarite scheme. Look forward to seeing more of them.

    1. It was more work, but I was hoping it would have a more personal feeling to it, so I'm glad it came off that way! The nice thing too is that I wont be keeping to a harsh "weekly" schedule, which in turn should give me more to talk about.

      In regards to Dark Matter, I believe its on our list of shows to try... I'll give it a look over the next few days!

      The Stormcast scheme is all my daughter too! She felt the silver "looked more realistic, like a knight" (in her words) than the allover gold you often see. Her favorite color is orange, if you didn't already guess that! I should hopefully post a bunch of pics soon, all I have left to finish are her Liberators.

      Finally, thanks for the birthday wishes! =)