Friday, August 26, 2016

HALO Lootcrate Unboxing/Review


As some of you may recall, I bought into the HALO Lootcrate subscription, a few months ago, mere minutes of the offer going live, and the day finally came that it arrived on my front door!  This is my 1st lootcrate, so I really didn't know what to expect, and below if my full unboxing and review of the contents.  If you also picked up a subscription, and don't want the contents spoiled, I'd just skip this post!

Anyway, on with the review...
To start off with, as soon as I preordered the Halo Lootcrate, I received this little forum badge to use on HaloWaypoint.  I typically avoid the forums as a whole, but it is just a way to show off your Halo Alpha-geekiness to the forum goers.

Popping the lid, here's what you see.  Up first is the information packet.  It has some cool UNSC printing on it, and inside are 3 characterful notes detailing your Spartan's transfer to Infinity and Fiteteam Apollo, as written by well known character's like Lasky. It also contains a really cool, X-Ray style film, detailing some of the Spartan Augmentations.  My plan is to eventually frame all these pieces in some way and create a cool little display for my "Nerd Lair". (My term for my Man Cave)

Next up, the t-shirt material, long sleeve, pullover.  I expected something "wearable", mostly likely an exclusive t-shirt, but this wasn't what I anticipated at all!  It's made from the same material as a typical t-shirt, and fits pretty well, featuring he Spartan program logo on the front, and the Fireteam Apollo logo on the sleeve.  It will definitely be nice to wear come this fall!

Next up were the "Red vs Blue" figurines.  These were spoiled pretty early on, but it's nice to see em in person.  Each crate will feature a new figurine to add to the collection, and the bases are supposed to interlock and be interchangeable.  As you can see, they have pegs on their feet that slide into place on the base.  Size wise, they are perfect imo, not too large to take up a ton of space, but not too small that they get lost in the shelf.  I ended up buying a new shelf, in anticipation for these guys, and can't wait to fill it up with a ton of fighting Spartans!

Next up are the golden Fireteam Apollo pin, and the "Mister Chief" plush keychain.  (There is a carabiner on top, but it's hard to see). I actually have a geeky pin collection in my Nerd Lair, so the Apollo pin has a nice spot to be displayed.  The whole "Mister Chief" idea cracks me up, so of course I can't help but find the plush keychain silly.  The biggest debate is where to put him!  Right now I have in hanging in my Nerd Lair, but I debated in hanging him in my car, or possible letting my daughter put him on her school pack pack if she wanted to... As of right now, he's in a good, safe spot!

Next up, is the UNSC single strap, sling bag. The bag itself is a little small, it's not a full sized backpack, but it does feature pockets and straps galore!  It would make for a nice purse for the girl gamers out there... AND with My daughter shaping up to be a gamer-girl herself, she may want to steal it!  That said, we are heading down to Florida in a few months, and this would be perfect for carrying stuff like water bottles and such while walking around Disney.  It Would also be a nice, small, manageable bag for card gamers too when you only need room for a few decks.  (Several spots for the pin and/or Mister Chief too!)

Last, but not least, there is a small booklet detailing the box's contents, as well as some other info like an interview, story excerpt from the Fractures novel, some concept art, and a req pack code.  I thumbed through it, but for me the most important part, and the most surprising was the req pack code.  Initially, when I read "Supply Req pack code" I was expecting just like a bronze pack or one of the daily log in packs, but I was extremely excited to see that it was a special, Halo Lootcrate exclusive gold pack!  In it, I received a full Rogue Cutthroat set, Blue Steel weapon skin, and Apollo emblem!  (As well as the usual warzone weapons/vehicles). This was just awesome!  I was really hoping they'd do something like this, really take advantage of the possibility for in-game content like this, and they definitely delivered!  I'm curious to see if everyone received the same gear sets, or if they are unique to each code, thus making them unique to each Spartan.  I'm pretty sure I've seen this helmet/armor type in the game, but this may be a new color variant, I'm not sure.  Regardless, it is nice to receive a matching Ultra Rare set out of a single pack!  That said, I'm pretty superstitious when it comes to my Armor sets, emblems, and weapon skins, but I'm planning to wear my all-new, special  UNSC issued gear until I miss my old Soldier armor and/or emblem. (If that day ever comes!)

Finally, I'll finish with a quick look of the box insides itself.  All in all, I'm pretty pleased with crate overall, and found it was definitely worth the $40 to me!  The only downside is that I have to wait 2 months for another one! I'm eager to see what comes in the next one as well.  If you also are a subscriber, let me know what you received in your REQ Pack, I'm really curious!

Until next time, welcome to Fireteam Apollo!
- WuhSawBe -

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