Tuesday, August 16, 2016

PTCGO Daily Challenge Fire Deck...

I made a fun, little Fire Deck in the Pokemon TCG Online, that was intially meant just be able to do both the 12 KO and 7 Evolution Daily Challenges at the same time, and I've actually seen a bit of success as well!

As with a lot of my decks, I'm constantly tweaking and changing things here and there between matches, and this deck is no exception.  I'm sure you'd make your own changes to it as well.  The concept is pretty simple: pitch a lot of fire energy to the discard, in order to be able to instantly add it onto one of your EXs with Blacksmith.  Add to that the normal "1 energy per turn" and the extra from the Elixir, and you can see how this can easily start hitting for 100+ damage on turn 2!  Of course, this wont work in standard for much longer.  Delphox is in there not only to let you fulfill the "Evo Challenge" but his ability to draw cards and add energy is also nice as well.  His attack is also pretty nice, and has saved me in a few games when someone thinks they can shut down my deck by nullifying the EXs.

So, there you have it!  If you are looking for a fun, simple, deck to complete a few challenges with in versus mode, give this one a go!

- WuhSawBe -

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