Friday, August 12, 2016

My Daughter's Stormcast Eternals Army...

Recently, I became inspired to start up an Age of Sigmar project, and this time to help insure that I'd actually be able to get in a few games, I enlisted the aid my daughter!  She was drawn towards the Stormcast, Lizardmen, and Stormcast Extremis.  Seeing as I wished to build up my own collection of Khorne models, I decided to pick up a 2nd starter box for us to share.  One of the nice things too, is that she takes after me in the fact that she refuses to play with unpainted models just as I do.  So, I've been working pretty hard, and in just under two weeks, I managed to get the entire Stormcast half of the starter fully painted!

The idea was pretty simple: she dictated the whole scheme, told me what colors to put and where, all I did was execute.  Below is the outcome of the last two weeks worth of work.  I'm posting them in the order in which they were completed:

This actually served as the test model for the whole army.  The idea was after she had dictated what went where, I'd be able to just start painting away... Only having to periodically stop to ask the odd random paint scheme question.  If you can't tell, Orange is her favorite color!  Overall, she wanted the armor silver, with a few gold accents, as she says "it just looks more realistic!"  She also decided she wanted me to add a decal on the shoulders, but paint them orange, something that would carry over to all the other models as well.  She also decided she wanted me to paint scratches and chips on the shields, though I tried to talk her out of it, or to at least minimize the effect, but this is how she wanted em.  Once this guy was done, I moved onto to painting the winged Prosecutors.  I'd come back to the other 9 Liberators at the end...

My daughter kept asking me, out of all the units, which ones were my favorite to work on, and I have to say, I really think these could be a contender for my favorite! (Retributors are up there as well).  My daughter wasn't really a fan of the white wings, nor did she want silver/gold, so it was pretty easy to convince her to let me experiment with them, and this was the results.... And overall, I really liked the outcome!  This is also where I came up with the idea of "glowing" weapons for the leaders, which kind of was a pain, but eventually I figured out a method I (and my daughter) were happy with.

Next up, my daughter requested I work on the Relictor and Lord on Dracoth.  I'll start with the Relicor.  Pretty simple really, just continued with the overall scheme.  She wanted to a lighter silver helmet (because of the skull) and she did NOT want a glowy-hammer on him for whatever reason.

For the Lord on the Dracoth, she wanted the Dracoth to be a darker blue, and to have the Lord to carry a shield.  The colors on the Dracoth were a bit of an experiment as well, but I'm pretty pleased with the results.  It was her decision to paint the horns black, though I tried to talk her out of it.  Since she was set on the horns being black, I tried to get her to paint the claws black to match, but again, no luck.  I also wanted to paint the chest piece on the Dracoth gold, but she vetoed that as well.  The Lord was pretty straightforward, I just bought one of the shield upgrade packs to add the shield.  She also decided she wanted to give the Lord a "glowy-hammer" as well, though I figured she would want to as she said no to it on the Relictor.

While maybe not the coolest of models to paint, I'm really pleased with how they turned out!  Honestly, while the prosecutors were my favorite models to paint, these guys are probably tied with them for most impressed with once finished.  Pretty straight forward to paint, once again, as I just followed the general scheme.  Only real difference is a bit of extra gold.  The unit leader is denoted once again, by a little extra gold, the sash on the hammer, and the glow on the hammer as well.  I do need to grab that little pack of 2 to bring the unit up to 5...

And finally, back to the Liberators.  Again, just following the scheme of the original.  To tell the 2 units apart, I used a squad with white decals and once with black.  I also chose to NOT paint the glow on one of the unit leaders, as I expect at some point she may want to combine the two units into one.

So, there you have it!  The funny thing is, it felt like a lot of work in a short amount of time, but when I put it all together, it really doesn't look like much.  Total, it's 720 point in the General's handbook, so a nice start to an even 1k.  I do want to add two more Retributors to make a full unit of 5.  My daughter wants to pick up a unit of Judicators and a Knight-Venator as well.  The goal is to get an army right around 1k for her, then start a 1k Lizardmen army, which she then wants to combine into a full 2k force.  This is all her idea of course...

As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!
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  1. Wow looks great keep up the painting but try letting your daughter have a go maybe with one of those three packs of liberators.

    1. Don't worry, she has a TON of painted models as well!