Monday, September 5, 2016

My Daughter's Army: A Stormcast Painting Update!

A little over 1,000 pts painted so far!
A few weeks ago, I picked up a few more models for my daughter's Age of Sigmar Stormcast army, enough to bring her force to a little over a thousand points.  Recently, I managed to finish painting them as well!  Just as before, she dictated the color scheme.  I'll talk about them in the order I worked on them:

Up first, is the Knight-Venator. My daughter liked the mode as a whole, the wings, the ability to shoot from a great distance, and the star-eagle.  I did the model in general, the same as the prosecutors I did previously.  We both decided we wanted the star-eagle to look like a Phoenix, and I'm pretty pleased overall with how he turned out.

Next up, I did two more Retributors, which brought the unit she had from the starter box up to 5.  I followed the same scheme as before with these guys.  It came with another leader model, but I decided to clip some of the cloth draping over the handle in order to make him look a little different from the actual leading model.

Finally, the Judicators.  I'm not sure how or why, but my daughter really took to these guys and instantly wanted to add them to her force!  Really, not a whole lot of difference model wise between these guys and the liberators, the basics were the same.  I'm using a "glowy effect" on the leader's bow to not only depict him out of the unit, but to signify the special "Shockbolt bow" as well.

... And there you have it!  I've definitely made some progress on the army over the last few months, with the fully painted army coming in at 1,080 pts thus far! It is really nice to be able to play fully painted vs fully painted for a change a pace!  (Sad to say, I rarely see fully painted armies these days, even at tournies!) I've now switched back to working on my Khorne models, and I probably won't be buying any new models until they are completely done.  That's really the great motivating factor to paint, not buying any new models until all my current ones are done!  (It's hard to do, even for me, sometimes). That, and you just gotta do it... A little bit of time each day, if you can.  My daughter still wants to add a contingent of Lizardmen to her army, and/or head down the Stormcast Extremis route.  Me, as tempting as an Elf army maybe, I'm gonna stick to my Bloodbound for the time being.  Skullreapers, I definitely want more Skullreapers!  (And a better General!)

As always, thanks for reading!

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