Monday, September 19, 2016

What's New With WuhSawBe?

Seriously, some times you just gotta DO IT!

It's been awhile since I've posted one of these, so let's see what's been going on... Sit back, this could be a bit of a long one!

You may have noticed I've been painting my butt off!  Since the last time I've posted one of these, I've completed a bunch of Stormcast stuff and bunch of Bloodbound stuff as well.  Currently on my painting desk, I have 20 Bloodreavers, a Bloodstoker, and a Tzeentch Sorcerer, all in various stages of work.  It shouldn't take me too long to finish them all up.  I'm still not sure what I'll do afterwards.  I'm not really getting to play a whole lot of games, outside of the occasional AOS game with my daughter, so really I'm painting just to paint.  Playing games tends to push my purchases, so without gaming, there really is no point to buying expensive gaming models.  We shall see what happens, what mood I'm in, once I'm finished with my current models.

1k pts Border War.  Stormcast vs Khorne
Game wise, all I've been able to do was get in a game of AOS with my daughter.  This one was a 1,000 point Border War mission.  It was a clear Khorne victory over the Stormcast, with a score of 31-12.  I was able to control the objectives for a majority of the game, including the objective on her end for a critical turn or two.  By the final turn, I didn't really have a whole lot of models left on the board compared to my daughter, but I still managed my first victory!  I've tried to see if I could get in a game of Saga or AOS at the shop, but no such luck...

Book wise, I've finished up the Halo novel: The Thursday War, and I definitely enjoyed it!  I've gone back to reading the Ultramarines Omnibus, with The Warriors of Ultramar... Though technically, I'm rereading it, as I've read the stories a few years ago.  My plan is to read the 2nd Omnibus once finished rereading this one.

Still don't know exactly HOW I won this...
TV wise, my wife and I have been watching Super Girl on Netflix.  It's not bad, we are enjoying it. Afterwards, we'll probably watch the next season of the Walking Dead, and we also noticed another season of Penny Dreadful is up on Netflix as well.  I've also started watching the fall series of the Halo Championships.  With the split up of the team I followed last season, the Renegades (Cloud 9 in the finals), I've had to figure out which team to follow this time around.  Two of the Renegades players went to Team Liquid, which I've never been a fan of, while the other two went to Evil Geniuses.  Thus, I'm going with EG this time around!  Also, I ended up winning a signed copy of Halo 5, signed by all the Halo Championship Series casters!  I was pretty stoked when it arrived, and now it is sitting on my shelf in my Nerd Lair...

What the rest of the Spartan Dads are like when I mention the Crucible...
Finally, I've been playing a lot of video games, as usual.  I've been thinking a lot about mobile games, and how they just don't seem to hold my attention for very long.  I've found myself in a historical gaming mood the other day, so I downloaded World of Tanks on my phone.  I've played a few games of it, but just as with my other mobile games, I'm not sure on its lifespan.  I've also downloaded War Thunder, again, due to being a Historical Gaming mood.  I've been doing alright with the tanks, but the mechanics on the planes is atrocious!  The aiming on the game is completely off, for whatever reason.  On numerous occasions, I've had my reticle right on top of the hit marker, and have not scored any hits.  It's really frustrating!  My aim is fine, but hits seem to score at random, which is extremely annoying.  Honestly, I want to enjoy flying the planes in that game, but the unreliable aiming makes me rage!  
My 1st Perfect Firefight match!

I've also been playing Halo as usual.  I did managed my first ever perfect score in Warzone Firefight, with 98 kills, 5 boss kills, and 0 deaths!  I've also finally managed to unlock all the gear from the silver req packs, and have moved onto buying gold packs.  I've also been playing a ton of Destiny.  I'm still slowly growing my light level, and am up to 326.  I've been playing a ton of crucible as well, with some pretty good results.  It's funny to be one of the worst players in Halo compared to the rest of the Spartan Dads, and yet in Destiny, I have a higher KDR than most of the other Spartan Dads.  Rise of Iron, the latest expansion, is only a day or so away.  I'm really hoping to be able to convince some of them to try the competitive Trials of Osiris in ROI, but I doubt I'll be able to.  I can't convince them to play the regular crucible with me, I doubt they'll be up for the Trials... Heck, I may not even be up for it, if I'm being totally honest!

And there you have it!  We shall have to see what develops in gaming the department, and likewise, in the hobby/modeling department as well.

Until next time,

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