Monday, September 12, 2016

Hobby Update: Khorne Bloodbound - AOS

After finishing up my daughter's Stormcast stuff, I set off on my Khorne half of the starter box.  I'm still working on the Bloodstoker and Bloodreavers, but I have made a bit of progress on the other stuff.  Just as with my previous post, I'll be going in the order that I've completed them...

Up first is my Khorgorath.  I started with him mainly because using him in my initial list brought it up the match my daughter's point level.  Really though, while I like the model, they can often underperform on the table.  He's my 2nd Khorgorath, so I doubt I'll use him outside of being a points filler.  As such, I kind of rushed him, partly for the reasons mentioned above, but also because I was eager to keep making progress and finishing models...

Next up is my Slaughterpriest, and I must say, I'm really please with how he turned out!  I'd almost say he may be my best painted model to date even!  I call him "Khartok: The Red-handed, priest of Khorne."  Initially, I struggled with the skin tone, and the result is a bit of a "happy accident" caused by a lot of trial and error and color mixing.  He's a really cool character, but I'm not sure how often he'll make it into my general list...

Last up, are the additional reinforcements to my Bloodwarriors.  I followed the same procedure of the previous Bloodwarriors, but this time, I ended up toning back the gore just a little bit, which should balance out the overall look of the full 10-man unit.  The 5-man unit has done so-so on the tabletop, so I'm eager to see how an extra 5 to the unit will do...

And there you have it!  Not a bad bit of progress for a week or so of work!  Now I'll be plugging away at the Bloodreavers, and Bloodstoker, which will then clear off my painting desk once more...

Thanks for reading, until next time!
- WuhSawBe -


  1. Khartok looks pretty damned good mate! That skin tone is an especially effective "Accident". :)

    Nice to see you painting.

    1. Thanks! The trick will be what to do next, as I have no other projects planned, and the last of my models *should* be done this week...

    2. Start a Nurgle force. All the cool kids play Nurgle. ;)

    3. Hmmm, not a big Nurgle fan. (Too smelly)