Sunday, March 2, 2014

At what point does one become a "Historical Wargamer"?

If you have been following my blog for awhile, then you may have noticed that I have been bitten by the "Historical Wargaming" bug as of late.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy playing X-Wing, and every now and then I get the odd urge to start playing something sci-fi/fantasy related, but those urges are almost always pretty fleeting.  Historical stuff is a different story.  I have always been a lover of history, and something about historical wargaming just scratches a certain itch in my brain.  

In the past, I've listed out games that have been on my radar, and this time around I will be doing so again from a historical perspective.  However, unlike in my previous "radar lists", I absolutely WILL be picking each of these up at some point over the year.  Let me start with the obvious...

Flames of War -
Ok, ok, I cheated and have already started on a FoW army.  BUT my Late War Germans will not be my only army.  As I have outlined in a previous post, I have plans to expand my germans from Late War, into Mid War, as well as both a LW/MW US force to face against the Germans.  I've also got a few Italian pieces, and I wouldn't mind doing an Early War force with them based around the botched invasion of Greece, but that is a bit low on my priority list...

Wings of Glory -
Alright, another cheat made the list, as I've already got the WWII base box and have played a game.  Another fun little historical game.  I'd love to pick up some more planes for this as well.  Although I'm a little bummed they do not have the Bf-109's available from Ares games just yet.  I'm on the fence about the WWI version.  People have told me that the WWI version is more enjoyable than the WWII, and while I do like biplanes, I'm just not as into WWI historically as I am WWII.

Bolt Action -
I'm so looking forward to this one!  My plan is to carry the same forces I play in FoW over into Bolt Action's 28 mm.  So you can expect to see Hermann Göring Panzergrenadiers taking on Darby's Rangers once again!  I'll probably start picking this up once my FoW stuff is finished.

For some reason, most of the gamers I know in my area are in love with vikings.  I am not one of them.  Don't get me wrong, Vikings are cool, but I'm much more of a Roman kind of guy.  I can already hear it now: "uhhh, you do realize that SAGA is about vikings, right?" and to answer that yes, yes I do, and while there may not be Romans within SAGA, there is the Byzantine Empire, and that is close enough.  The gameplay seems interesting in this one, and that is the real draw.  I do not know a lot about this game, but I have heard some good reviews by people in my area...

Sails of Glory -
Another one by Ares games.  While I am not a big fan of the napoleonic era, I am a fan of naval combat, and this seems to be a good one!  Not a whole lot else I can say about this one, except the podcast "The D6 Generation" did a bit of a review on this game in episode 141, check it out if you'd like to know more!

Hail Caesar or Field of Glory -
As I stated earlier, I'm obsessed with Rome.  I have always wanted to start collecting and painting a Roman army, and now I think I'll finally be making the jump!  I'm not sure which system to pick up, although I think I'm leaning more towards Hail Caesar as it is from Warlord Games, makers of the previously mentioned Bolt Action.  That said, out of this whole list, this is the only one that I'm on the fence about... more of a "if I have no other modeling projects on the horizon, then I'll start this" type of thing.

  So there you have it, all the miniatures games currently on my radar and they all happen to be historical.  As I said earlier on however, the key difference is that this time around I WILL be picking each of these up at some point this year, although I will be keeping to my rule of painting first and then buying to keep the number of boxes sitting on my shelf down.  I finish painting an army, I'll buy a new one.  One of the nice things is my new, current job pays in one large, lump sum at the end of each month, making buying an entire army at time fully plausible.  Finally, the above list is not the only games I'll be picking up, painting, and collecting this year, as I do have Kingdom Death Monster and Arena Rex coming at some point.  The point is, keep an eye out for posts regarding the above games to be coming throughout the year, but you can expect to see other topics as well...

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