Thursday, June 25, 2015

The latest news for Freeblades by DGS Games!

WIP of one of the KS creatures.  Pic via Facebook.

DGS Games, a local gaming company of which a few of my old gaming-friends are a part of, have started a new KickStarter campaign for their game: Freeblades, and they could use your support!

It's pretty interesting to see just how DGS have continued to improve with each new iteration, and it looks like this latest campaign is continuing this trend.  Another reason I'm verbally showing my support for them, is because I know they do things RIGHT!  They are not one of those larger companies who use KS campaigns as glorified direct preorders, and they don't string along those that have backed their campaigns.

Again, check out DGS, check out Freeblades, and if you like what you see, considering backing their latest campaign!

Latest Kickstarter Campaign
DGS Games on Facebook
DGS Games on the Web

Best of luck to DGS Games, I hope they continue to see success and keep growing!

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