Friday, June 12, 2015

My SAGA Warlord is finished!

"Helfen - Wehren - Heilen
 Help - Defend - Heal"

I managed to finish up my Warlord for my Teutonic Knight Warband in SAGA.  He's *loosely* based - I say loosely based, because I struggled to find good, solid imagery for him outside of his family crest - on Poppo Von Osterna.  I chose Von Osterna as my Warlord for a couple of reasons.  1.) - His crest incorporated my favorite color, blue.  It's something I plan to use as much as I can throughout all my Saga warbands, which will hopefully further tie back to the JoCo Historical Gamers logo as well.  I'm also partial to Lions, which is an added bonus!  2.) - He seems to have fought, or has some sort of ties to pretty much everywhere that the Teutonic Knights were active.  Be it, the Baltic Crusades, the Holy Land, and even against in the invading Mongols, though there is some historical issues and contradictions regarding his fights against the Mongols.  3.) - Finally, from what I little I read of him, he just seemed to be one of the more interesting Grand Masters, and I wanted a Warlord that was a little bit more than just an awesome, special character of my own design.  (Harkening back to the old 40k days, where you couldn't use named guys without permission, and thus every force was led by a captain or whatnot of each player's own designs.  Ahhh, those were the days!)

Anyway, here's what I came up with.  He was a bit a of test model (or a reminder) as to why white is such a pain in the butt to paint!  I still cannot do detailed work and freehand to save my life, my hands are too jittery... which must be all the coffee I consume on a daily basis!  That said, I'm going for tabletop standard, so I think he'll look just fine from the Tabletop view.  Also, I experimented with the base a little bit.  For those that do not know, it's a common practice to place a Warlord on a much larger base, which serves as an easy way to pick him out amongst the group.  I'm using GW-style bases for this force, and I still wanted it to be somewhat consistent.  Thus, I conceived the idea to use the standard Cavalry base, with a larger, "typical historical style" base underneath.  I had hoped it was almost create a statuesque or model-display-base type effect, but I'm not sure.  Worst case scenario, I can experiment further with it down the road, add gravel basing to the lower level, etc.  As it stands now, I'm pretty happy with him overall...

With any luck, he may see the battlefield soon!