Monday, June 1, 2015

This Geek's Week[s]...

oh dem Bouffalants...

- Finished up my Crossbowmen for Saga, and have moved onto working on my Warlord and Warriors on Foot...

Card/Board Games:
- Tons of home games of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter.  Ive been building and reworking decks a lot lately.

- I built and bought a fighting deck to be my "go to league deck".  I'll post it up at some point...

- My daughter and I played in two Pokemon Leagues at Collector's Cache.  (Plug for them)  My wife went to the first one, but found it a bit too much for her.  She couldn't believe that my 5 year old daughter would want to spend 3+ hours playing Pokemon.  Overall it was good experience for my daughter, she got out of her comfort zone a bit, had to meet new people, and engage with them. (with our help of course)  The following week, my daughter and I went to another Pokemon league, this time without my wife.  She was much for comfortable this time around, and we stayed for about 3 hours.  We also both finished our first lines on the league track and got our first league prizes.  Ive been keeping track of the number of games played on BoardGameGeek, and I ended playing my 100th game of Pokemon.  (My fighting deck won that game too!)

- Of course, we bought more cards as well.  I've been letting my daughter buy a pack or two each time we go to the Pokemon League, and she ended up pulling a Full-Art Shaymin EX out of asingle pack.  I also ended up buying a box of Phantom Forces, which took a lot of convincing on the Wife's part.  I'm not sure if I'm better off buying whole boxes or just single cards...

Video Games:
- Still playing a ton of the DS.  Smash Bro's, Pokemon Rumble, etc.

- Played a bit of the Pokemon TCG online.  As always, I go by "WuhSawBe" on there, if anyone wants to find me and kick my butt on there...

- Finished watching the first Persona 4 anime series on Hulu.  I really got into it, and I highly recommend it!

- Watched a few matches of the Pokemon Regionals on twitch.  Just kind of here and there, not too consistently.  Mostly just wanted to see what was being played.

Until next time,

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