Saturday, May 23, 2015

This Geek's (couple of) Week(s)...

20 or so games of Pokemon with my daughter in the last week...

Miniatures and Hobby:
- Worked a ton on my SAGA force.  I've got my main force assembled, now the painting begins. All I've finished up so far is the first Men-at-arms test model I posted earlier.

- Went to the LGS and picked up a Pathfinder Goblin for my daughter's game of "Monster Killers", I also picked up some tokens to use for fatigue tokens in SAGA.

Card/Board Games:
1st game actually AT a game store!
- Played a TON of games (about 20) of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter.  Heaven help me, but I've introduced her to deck tweaking... I'm still trying to convince to use dice instead if tokens.

- Picked up the latest trainer kit for Pokemon.  I think my daughter and I may start playing in one of the local leagues together.

- My daughter wanted to go to a game store and play her very game actually AT a store.  A bit of a proud gamer-dad moment!  We played at collector's cache in Overland park.  I let her pick up a couple of cards for her decks before playing 5 games of Pokemon.

Video Games:
- I bought a nintendo 3ds xl, and smash bro's.  I downloaded Pokemon rumble on there too, and have been playing it a lot.

- Played a few rounds of the Pokemon TCG online...

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