Monday, May 4, 2015

This Geek's Week...

-  With my Shermans now completed, I've started working a wee bit on my Panzergrenadiers.

- I also painted up the extra TIE Phantom for X-Wing.  Just a bit of blue dry brushing to represent "de-cloaking".

"Monster Killers" in action!
- Picked up some Teutonic Infantry for SAGA.  I've started working on the Crossbowmen first, and I must say I am really, really impressed!  I also ordered two boxes of Teutonic Knights.  I'm now pretty set for models!  I'll have 8x Crossbowmen, 16x Infantry, 20x HearthGuard, and my Warlord, a mounted Warrior Priest, and 2x Banner Hearthguard.  I also went up to the shop and met some SAGA players, talked shop, and watched a game.

- Played a game of "Monster Killers" with my daughter.  I've incorporated several rules from SAGA into it, which really helped to simplify and speed the game up.  She really enjoyed it.  Ive been buying her some of the Pathfinder Goblin minis to use with it (the prepaints), and I'm seriously debating on getting some of the iconic heroes to use as my army, thus turning it officially into "Pathfinder Monster Killers".

Card/Board Games:
- My Xenoshyft stuff arrived, and even though I was a bit cranky over how the shipping stuff worked out, it arrived faster than expect. (A little under a week)

- Played a game of Xenoshyft, and it was pretty fun.  Overall, the game was easy to pick up, but very tense. I made it to the end of wave 2 before falling.

Video Games:
- Played a bit of Guild Wars 2 on my Necromancer.

Books & Such:
- Finished up the Pathfinder Tales novel: "King of Chaos".  I started reading a military history book about the Teutonic Knights to gain a bit of inspiration for my new SAGA army.


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