Monday, May 18, 2015

SAGA: Army list and quick WIP look at my Teutonic Knights (Milites Christi)

6 pts of Teutonic Knights

I built a lot "hack and slash" poses, hopefully to add some drama...
Recently I started getting into Saga, and after sitting down and reading through the C&C Rulebook I settled on a Milites Christi force of Teutonic Knights.  I went with Fireforge models, and I'm really pleased and impressed with them!  Having put together a few of GW's Bretonnians, I can easily say they are on par with GW's models in terms of quality, and details... maybe even better since they don't have that cartoonish scaling of body parts.  $100 got me a full 8 points worth of models, and for those that may not know, games start at 4 points, and most play at the 6 point level.  Thus, that's where I've started.  What you see is my fully assembled 6 point force (plus an extra priest) and I still have an additional 8x Hearthguard and 2x extra bannermen that are not yet assembled.

Below is my first initial 6 pt list:

My Warlord and Mounted Priest
- Warlord
- 12x Hearthguard (split 8/4)
- 8x Crossbow Warriors
- 16x Foot Warriors (split 8/8)

That's where I'm starting at, and I think it's a pretty basic force.  Obviously, with the extras I'll have available I'll be able to experiment with various configurations after a few games. (and once what I have built is fully painted)


^   First Test model is done...

 Thus far, I've started working first on my Crossbowmen, and have finished the first little test model.  I hate doing freehand work, so for the knights I plan to use painter's tape to get nice, crisp edges whenever possible.  I'm pretty please with how he looks, so I can go ahead and finish up the rest of the unit.  I should also note, I'm going for a base that can seem to fit both in the Holy Land Crusades as well as the Baltic Crusades, with my other forces down the road mostly looking to fit into more of the Baltic side.  (Pagan Lithuania)

Hopefully I can get these guys painted ASAP, and get in some games!


  1. Very nice looking figure, love the basing job you've done on it too. SAGA is a great game, hope you enjoy it :-)

    1. Thanks! Ive only gotten to watch a few games so far, but it does seem pretty nice. I can't wait to actually give it a go!

  2. Very swish indeed! How tough do you think the Fireforge models will be when carried around to places? That's my only concern with anything plastic these days; resilience.

    1. They are pretty tough imo, and are the same stuff as GW's multi-part plastics. (If you are familiar with those) As far as strength, you can pin stuff if you wish, but a lot comes down to glue used. I just use a standard superglue gel, and I've dropped models on a cement floor, and had them bounce off with no issues. I think they can hold up pretty well with safe storage and transport.

      Thanks for stopping by!