Monday, June 1, 2015

SAGA Crossbowmen are finished...

I managed to finish up the first unit for my SAGA Teutonic Knights, though I did run into a bit of an issue.  I had been reading a book about the Teutonic Knights, to get a feel for some of their history.  I read a little bit about how the non-knights serving in the order were called "Grey Brothers" after the color of the garb, but the problem I noticed came with their cross symbols.  I finished up this unit, snapped some pictures, and the very next day read about how not only did they wear grey, but they also bore unique crosses on their uniforms as well.  Instead of a cross, as we are used to seeing, they had symbols more like the letter "T", as a way to differentiate them from full fledged knights.  Something like they had a cross with "only 3 points" to signify that they had not earned full fledged "brother" status, or the right to bear a full cross.  (Something like that anyway)  Luckily, it was an easy enough fix, and I just went in with a bit of grey to correct the crosses.  I still have not retaken the pictures yet, so you'll just have to imagine them with "T"s...

All in all, I enjoyed putting them together and painting them.  Fireforge did a great job!



  1. Lovely job, great looking crossbowmen!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I can't wait to get the whole army done! I just gotta keep plugging along at it. =)