Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Something interesting I stumbled on...

The other day I stumbled upon a podcast episode that I think EVERY GAMER, whether competitive, semi-competitive, or even casual  can learn something from!  This episode of Next Level Z is an interview with Will Jonathan, a mental sports coach, and personal development advocate, and while the topic may be related to the DBZ card game, the message easily translates over to ANY other game, be it, miniatures or cards.  The overall message is that your mental approach, whether positive or negative, to a game or event at ANY LEVEL, WILL have an impact on not only your overall enjoyment of the experience, but can actually have an effect on your overall outcome as well.  It's real easy to listen to as well, just follow the link above, no need to download anything, just click play.  It's about an hour long, and they jump right in!  Before anyone says "but, I don't play DBZ,  it wont make any sense!"  the actual DBZ talk is pretty light, and you can easily translate the message over to your favorite game.

Now, aside from just a general, positive, useful message, why else would I be sharing this?  Well, if you've seen me post about games, especially card games, which can sometimes breed a lot of stress in players for some odd reason,  I keep using the motto: "Play it COOL.  Enjoy the GAME."  and it's my personal reminder to just have FUN, regardless of what stakes may be on the line.  Ive gone as far as to have it printed onto playmates and other gaming materials as a "not so subtle reminder" to fellow players as well. (X-Wing players will be familiar with the "Fly Casual" movement started by one of the world champs, and the concept is the same)  Whether people realize it or not, EVERYONE has a vested interest in their local gaming communities.  Ask yourself:  would you rather have a positive gaming community or a toxic one?  Fun or stress?  Which do you think will help grow a playerbase, which one is more likely to ruin one?  I know my answer!  Negativity only breeds more negativity, but hopefully a positive outlook can also breed and grow as well.  It all begins with yourself, your actions at the gaming table, and your outlook before and after an event.

Again, have a quick listen HERE.  Even if you are like me, and attend every event in a positive manner, I'm sure the information will still be helpful, even if just to reinforce that you are on the right track.  Maybe you know someone in your local community who has put too much pressure on themselves over a game,  send it to them, start up a conversation with them before or after an event.  As I said, we have a vested interest in building a thriving gaming community for our favorite games, and we ARE representatives for out communities.  Do you want a positive community or a negative one?

Finally, being a competitive player does NOT instantly mean you need to be a jerk at the table.  Nor does playing for FUN mean you cannot be competitive at the same time.  Play it COOL.  Enjoy the GAME.

**Climbs down from his soapbox**

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