Thursday, June 11, 2015

2015 Kansas DBZ Regionals

- Whoa, who designed that AWESOME poster?!?!  Oh yeah, I did!

A quick shout out to my favorite Card Shop, Collector's Cache, who will be one of only a handful of stores hosting a 2015 Dragon Ball Z TCG Regional!  It's going to be a GREAT EVENT, and if you play DBZ competitively, I highly encourage you to check things out!  The info below was taken directly from their Facebook page:

 "Collector's Cache is proud to host one of only 12 Regional tournaments for DBZ Panini this August!!!

Play it COOL.  Enjoy the GAME.
DBZ Panini Regional Tournament! - August 22nd

Date: Saturday August 22nd
Time: Registration begins at 9am
Round 1 fires at 10am

Entry fee: $20

Regional Tournament Prizes:
1 st Place: $1,000.00 (World Championship Invite)
2 nd Place: $500.00 (World Championship Invite)
3/4th Place: $150.00

5/8th Place: $50.00 

All entrants will receive Saiyan Outrage, Orange Possession Drill, and Wall Breaker Promos. Top Cut will receive more exlcusives...
Stay tuned for Side event information - but expect Win A Mats, Win A Boxes, and cash tourneys to fire after round 3 completes.

Email with any questions."

Any predictions on winning decks?  


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