Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saga: 6pt of Teutonic Knights are DONE!

Recently, I finished up my 2nd unit of Warriors, which finishes up my base 6pt Saga army.  Basically, it looks like this:

12x Hearthguard
8x Warriors w/ Crossbows
16x Warriors on Foot

I'm still experimenting with different configurations during each game, but if you've been reading my "This Geek's Week" sections, you'll see that things have not been working out on the battlefield in my favor!  I've mentioned this before, but Ive got a few more models to finish up before I have EVERYTHING in my collection painted, and afterwards, I've really got to decide what I want to do next.  Pretty much I'm either going to start a Viking force, OR continue to tweak my Teutonic Knights in the form of more Crossbows and some mounted Warriors.  On one hand, a 2nd force means I can get even more practice at home, playing Vikings vs Teutonic Knights, yet on the other hand adding to THIS force means I can continue to experiment, learn the game/army even more before moving on, or just have extra options to field.

Either way, the rush to have a fully painted Saga army is over!


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