Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Geek's Week...

My painting space, finally all cleaned up!

- Played more Skyrim.

- Tweaked (blindly, no testing) both the gold scheme of my Scorpion Magistrates deck, and the fate side of my Scorpion Paragons in preparation for this Saturday's L5R night.  I also tinkered with my Towers of the Yogo deck.  In it's current state, it is primarily Ninja based, but I'd like to go for a full swarm deck but I lack enough copies of the cheap personalities as most of them are already being used in my other decks.

- Read Dc's New 52, Justice League Vol 1.  It was my first time reading a JL book, but it was a great one!  If the writing stays the same throughout future volumes, then the Justice League may end up possibly being my new favorite superhero team.   Also finished up the New 52 Green Lantern Corps and New Guardians, I enjoyed Corps, but the New Guardians was just ok in my opinion.

- Made it up to the shop on Wednesday.  Helped a new player with his Lion deck, even though I know nothing of the Lion clan.  Played him once with my Yogo deck and won, then once with my friendly Naga deck and lost via honor.  

- We had a good sized turnout for out L5R Night.  I ended up playing so many games, with pretty much all of my decks.  Still going to have to do a lot of work if I want to make the local kotei in April...

- Worked in cleaning up and slightly reorganizing my Studio/Paint area in the basement...

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