Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Geek's Week...

Not a lot of gaming this week....


- Picked up the Honor & Treachery set for L5R.


- Played 2 games of L5R vs the local Crane player.  Once with my Scorpion Paragons, once with my Scorpion Magistrates, winning both.  My Paragons steamrolled over the crane rather quickly.  The 2nd game was much, much longer as it was honor vs dishonor.  I swung a couple of times, trying to hit with some honor loss, but in those attempts I either lost battles or simply bounced off provences in the end.  Eventually I  decided to sit back instead, and focus on static limited phase honor loss.  Eventually he decided to try and swing for a provence of mine, and that cost him the game.  It backfired, I won the battle and hit him with a -10 honor loss when he was already sitting at -10 before the battle.

- Played Mage Wars for the 1st time.  I really enjoyed it, and now I have to debate whether or not I want to pick it up.  Maybe after Christmas...


- Played a bit of Skyrim.

- Took apart my Ninja Castle of Order deck.  I then took a majority of it, threw in some new stuff, and built a Towers of the Yogo deck.  Lots of peons for bowing, a bit of the elite trait thrown in.

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