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Monday, December 10, 2012

Imperial Fist "Test Scout" model...

When it comes to Space Marines, the Imperial Fists have always been a favorite of mine.  Ever since I first read "Storm of Iron".  Several years ago I had a 1500 pt Imperial Fists list built, but my yellow process at the time was so extensive, I think I was only ever able to paint a model or two.  This is my attempt to create a "quick yellow" paint job.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out on him, and if I can come up with some similar results on the current "test rhino" I have on my desk then I may end up collecting another Fist army!

Furthermore, I've always wanted to commit to collecting a Space Marine army consisting of whole companies, and eventually an entire chapter!  If the Imperial Fists do not work out, I still have a back up plan which would keep my dream of one day owning an entire chapter still on the table.  It all comes down to how the rhino turns out...

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