Saturday, December 15, 2012

This Geek's Week...

Played the DC Deck Building game.  Good stuff!


- Played several rounds of MWO in a 4-man lance.  I was mostly in my Commando, but I ended up building a Centurion D.  I've enjoyed the centurion in the past, but right now I am not super impressed...


- Worked some more on my Imperial Fist "test Rhino".

- Played several rounds of MWO in pugs.  I swapped some stuff around on my Centurion, and now it acts as a proxy Kit Fox/Uller w/ a UAC-5, ER Large Laser, and 2x SSRM 2's.  I like him a little more now, but mu Commando is still my favorite.  Highlight for the day had to be when I kept a Raven, Hunchback, and 2x Cataphracts busy chasing me for pretty much an entire game!  4 vs 1 in the lightest mech in the game, and it still took them several minutes to bring me down!  Too bad the pugs couldn't capitalize on the 7 vs 4 advantage I gave them while I kept literally 1/2 the enemy team chasing me around...


- Finished painting my test rhino.

- Stayed up at the gaming store till 3 am.  I played a game of x-wing, and got my butt handed to me... again!  Although I do suck at maneuvering, the dice constantly bite me in the ass.  As an example, I get 6 ties in range of an x-wing, including rerolls from Howlrunner, and yet all I managed to do was strip some shields! Maybe a point to the hull.  Next round, I lose 2 ties due to rolling "blanks" on defense, and it starts going down hill fast as I quickly lose my numbers advantage.  Next, I played 2 games of the DC Comics Deck Builder.... I really enjoyed it!  I lost the first game, but surprisingly won the second.  Next I played Marvel: Legendary, and sadly didn't enjoy it that much.  I didn't dig the semi co-op nature of the game. (it should be co-op or competitive, not a mish-mash of both imho) We played a deck with deadpool, thor, iron man, storm, gambit, and wolverine against Dr. Doom and a mish-mash of villains.  This brings me to another point, I wish the game was set up so the hero deck was comprised of all of a single team, so it would've been Avengers vs Doom or x-men vs magneto etc.  Sure you CAN play it that way, but I wish it wouldn't have to be a house rule to do so.  I think it would've been more thematic that way.  Next I played a game of L5R, using my Naga vs Crane.  My Naga is still my "Fun deck" because of its slower pace, and it proved a bit too slow.  I let the Crane player get up to like 25 honor before I started attacking.  I then took one provence pretty easily, but he managed to save the next one I attacked.  He ended up hitting 40 honor, and I went to attack all 3 of his provences.  I took 2 of the 3 provences, but he was able to send my units home at the final battle so I lost.  Finally, I sat and chatted with some of the guys at the shop about "ins and outs" of owning a gaming store, which ended up turning into a "what would we do differently" type of conversation.


- Further tweaked my Scorpion Magistrates as well as my Scorpion Paragons.


- Played Batman: Arkham Asylum for a couple of hours.

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