Sunday, December 9, 2012

This Geek's Week...

Just a random picture from the internetz that made me giggle...

**Despite a pretty busy week, I still managed to squeeze in a bit of gaming...


- Booted up Batman: Arkham Asylum.

-  Started painting my test model for a potential future Imperial Fists project.  The project hinges on how the model turns out... so far, so good!


- Finished painting my Imperial Fist test model.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but the real test will be the test Rhino.  I'm unsure of how my yellow technique will look on a larger vehicle.  If it turns out fine, then I'll proceed with my Imperial Fists project, if not, well.... maybe Flesh Tearers!

- Tweaked all 4 of my L5R decks for this coming Saturday's L5R night.  Nothing big, just swapped out a card or two here and there.


- Finished the "Way of the Clans" book from Battletech.  I really enjoyed it.  Started the 1st book in the X-Wing Rogue Squadron series.

- Started painting my test rhino.  I've got a couple of layers on it, and so far I'm liking how it looks thus far.  It's kind of a wet, almost watercolor-esque, and I'm thinking may come out looking pretty unique on the table.  That is of course, unless I botch it somewhere along the way!  =p


- Painted the tracks on my test rhino.  Then I got bored with painting and switched to MWO...

- Played a few rounds of MWO in pugs.  I mainly wanted to see what all the fuss over ECM was about.  Several games saw a ton of light mechs, all packin ECM.  My Catapult w/ 6x SRMs couldn't hit the lights to do any real damage.  Played my Catapult again, and got some decent numbers, but in the end, no numbers that I couldn't achieve in  any of Commandos.  I ended up selling all but my 3 Commandos, and started rocking things.  I don't know what it is about the Comm, but that mech just works for me.  Tempted to try about a Centurion- D but those cost 8 million C-Bills, and I've currently only got 10 mil or so... I think I'd rather hold out for a bit and see if they ever announce the Zeus mech in MWO....

- Played 2 games with my Scorpion Paragons vs Crane duelist/courtier.  I lost the first one because I got greedy and split my forces, had I not done that I *might* have been able to keep him from getting to 40 honor.  The second game I made sure not to split my forces and took one provence at a time, although he still managed to get up to 32 honor before i took his last provence.

- Ran an L5R demo for a guy who has never played a single card game before.  It seemed to go fairly well, which is good because L5R can be a pretty tricky game, and I was worried if I would be able to teach a new player.  I played the Scorpion clan for both games, and after the 1st demo game he ended up picking up a Unicorn starter!  I played one more game using the Scorpion demo deck vs his new Unicorn starter.  I took it pretty easy on him both games, letting each of us get down to 1 or 2 provences, and he ended up winning the second one.  All in all, it seemed like he enjoyed the game which is the most important thing.  Maybe we'll see him again this Saturday!


- Built a Naga deck for L5R, just for fun.  Made a couple of slight tweaks to my Scorpion Magistrates, which is my favorite deck thus far.


- Played several L5R games.  First with my Naga vs Mantis Magistrates, and lost.  Then with my Paragons vs Mantis Naval and won.  Played a game with an old friend, and old veteran to the game, after giving him a refresher course.  That game he played my Crab Berzerkers while I used my Naga, and the berserkers just rolled right over me! We then played again, with him using the Spider demo deck while I used the Scorpion demo deck, and he rolled over me again!  I then played my Naga deck vs the new Unicorn player from a few days ago.  He had a much better grasp of the game now, and quickly brought me down to my last provence with his Cavalry.  He mounted one large, final offensive that backfired.  From there, I was able to to turn the game around, taking a provence a turn, while killing off anyone he used for defense.  My last game of the night was against my old friend, with him using my berserkers again, and this time I used my Scorpion magistrates.  He took one of my provences, but i knocked him down to -11 honor in the process. His next attack phase, he swung for 2 provences. I repelled his attacks at both and bumped him down to -20 honor, sealing the game.  I also received a ton of cards off my trade list, so I'll have plenty of tweaking to do too....

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