Tuesday, December 11, 2012

181st Imperial Fighter Group

In FFG's X-Wing, I'm playing as the Empire's "181st Fighter group".  Early on, they were one of the Empire's worst units... in fact, early on they were actually referred to as the "one-eighty-worst".  Which is fitting, because i completely BLOW at this game!  Later on, they would eventually rise to become one of the Empire's most elite units.  But for right now, I'm still in the "one-eighty-worst" era...

I may have a game set up for this Wednesday, and this will be the list I'm taking:

5x Academy Pilots
Tempest Squadron Pilot
- 99 points

So, 7 models, my current entire Imperial Fleet.  My hope is to swarm and focus fire targets, rerolling attack dice while within range 1 of Howlrunner.  I'm going to assume that my opponent will be playing rebels, but if not, being at 99 points should let me retain initiative if he decides to play empire at a full 100 points.  That, and the only 1 pt upgrade would be "Determination" on Howlrunner, and in general my ties never seem to live long enough make use of it.

Once the Interceptor is released, I plan to play an all Tie Interceptor list, complete with "Bloodstripes" as per the 181st background.

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