Thursday, December 27, 2012

Emperor Edition: Gempukku

I was lucky enough to receive the "Holiday Box" for L5R, and in it was 5 boosters for the soon to be released EE: Gempukku set, and... it... is... AWESOME!  If you are like me, then you always find that you are missing certain cards to get your deck running smoothly.  Sure, you can buy pack after pack and cross your fingers, or go hunting for rares online, but that adds up fast as well! (Not to mention when most online places are out of the cards you need, or only have 1 left instead of the 2-3 you need)  Well, this set may just have you covered!  (As well as it may have the side effect of possibly lowering secondary market prices)

In a nutshell, the set will have boosters and "toolbox" style starters.  The starters will contain a bunch of commons and uncommons for their respective clans from all through the Emperor arc, as well as 2 exclusive cards, and 3 EE:Gempukku boosters. (Fingers crossed that the Scorpion one will have guys like Bayushi Suwabe in it)  I don't have a firm MSRP, but I've read online that they'll be the standard $25 of the other EE starters.  The Booster packs will only contain 6 cards, but they will all be rares from throughout the arc. (2x EE, 1x SC, 1x BTD, 1x EoW, 1x SoD)  Again, no firm MSRP, but I've read that they will be $4.99 each... so $1 or so more expensive than the typical booster, but again, it's all rares!

Overall, this will be a nice way to catch new players up into building some more consistent decks.  As an added bonus with this set, all the L5R players at my LGS have been pretty generous with our trades, so with what could be a rather large influx of rares coming into the hands of the various players, I imagine the strength of the entire group's decks will grow as a whole!

The official blerb on the main L5R page can be found HERE.

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