Monday, November 26, 2012

This Geek's (Thanksgiving) Week...

**Due to being out of town all of last week visiting the In-laws, and being sick on top of that, this time around I won't be doing the normal daily format for this "This Geek's Week" post.
WARNING: puking will be a common theme in this post!
All in all, I hope everyone's Thanksgiving week was less eventful than mine!

- So, we left Tuesday November 20th for our 8 hour drive from Kansas to Memphis TN.  My daughter (who wasn't feeling great to begin with the night before) started throwing up in the car about 4 hours into the trip.  Stopped, got everything cleaned up, then had to decide whether or not to turn around and drive 4 hours back home (what I would've done) or continue the 4 hour trip to the In-laws.  Seeing as my wife was the one driving, and it was her family, I had her make the call.

- Once there, everything seem to settle down.  I brought Sentinels of The Multiverse with me, and played 2 games of it that night with the bro-in-law after teaching him the game.  We lost the 1st game to Omnitron (poor hero choices) but easily smoked Ambuscade in the 2nd game.  Then, I started feeling ill myself.  Later that night, about 12-1 am, I ended up puking my guts out... EVERYWHERE!  Even now, I question whether or not I'll be able to eat another beef-stick or peanut butter cup ever again!

- Wednesday.  Slept for 20 hours... literally.  The rest of the vacation was a bit of a blur.

-Thursday, I felt a bit better, so I ate Thanksgiving dinner with everyone else.  Kinda regretted it, as my belly hadn't fully recovered.  Luckily, I kept it all in.  My daughter however, did not.  (Even though she really didn't eat anything at dinner)  That one I blame on the wife feeding her a bunch of greek yogurt and other stuff just before bed, despite telling her I thought it was a bad idea to give her that much dairy when we already new her stomach was on the sensitive side these last few days.

- Friday, took my daughter to a random doctor (another reason why we should've turned around imho), and because we were out of state, had to pay for the visit out of pocket.  $200 is nothing when it comes to the well being of my family... not to mention I would've gladly paid $200 to not get puked all over for like a fourth time that trip!

- Now, it wasn't ALL bad!  I did end up playing Skyrim for the 1st time, and absolutely fallen in LOVE with the game! (Especially the Argonians)  I had played one of the very early Elder Scrolls games, and just couldn't get into it, so I think I may had wrongly written off the whole series which is why I never got around to playing it despite all the internet fanboyism surrounding Skyrim.  Needless to say, I played that all weekend long, and ended up buying myself a copy for the PS3 to bring back home!  In addition to Skyrim, I also picked up Dead Space, and Batman: Arkham Asylum, both of which have also been on my "to play" list for the longest time, I just never had gotten around to picking them up.  Sunday, I also introduced my brother-in-law to Mechwarrior Online, and showed him the ropes a bit. I say that, because MWO can have a bit of a learning curve to it imo.  I also ended up finishing "A Dance with Dragons" on the trip as well, and moved on to a Battletech novel, "Way of the Clans".  I'm all nostalgic for "Way of the Clans", as it was the first sci-fi novel that I ever went out and purchased with my own money back in the early 90's.  I actually never even got around to truly reading it, as at the time it was waaay of my head, but I can remember constantly going over the mech schematics in the back of the book, and pretending to pilot a "Hellbringer, which was back then, and still to this day, remains one of my favorite mechs.  It was also a pain in the butt to find and get ahold of at a reasonable price.

- Now it's Monday the 26th, and we finally made it back!  My daughter is sleeping soundly, and hasn't gotten sick for a few days.  On my end, my stomach is feeling better as well.  Not perfect, maybe feeling about 90%, but I can live with that.  Hopefully things will be getting back to normal, and I can start playing my new games tomorrow...

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