Sunday, November 11, 2012

This Geek's Week...

More, more, more LCG's!


- Played a couple of rounds of Space Marine's "Exterminatus" mission, solo.

- Painted some on my Eldar D-Cannon, but I think I may need to redo it a bit.  The solid "Alaitoc Blue" i was going to do looked a little bland.  I think I will do a mottled pattern instead.

- I also began to cast a Summoner mech for Battletech. (Shame, shame, I know)  The Battletech intro box came with a ton of mechs, 2 of which were clan mechs (Summoner & Hellbringer, my 2 personal favorites) in a high quality, multi-part plastic format.  However, they are also at a larger scale than the original.  As a Jade Falcon fan (hence why those 2 mechs are my favorite) I had originally planned to use the Summoner as my primary mech for my Falcon lances, with the only addition(s) being a light Kit Fox.  Thus rather than trying to track down 4+ of the summoners from the intro box, I decided to try and cast my own instead.  As an added bonus, I'm hoping the Summoner/Hellbringer's larger scale will also give the Kit Fox the appropriate look of a light mech on the tabletop.  Casting is definitely a unique part of the miniature hobby experience, and a challenge to say the least.  (or I should say one I have not mastered yet)  If you haven't done so, give it a try!  It'll definitely make you more appreciative of the work that goes into crafting miniatures.


- Did a little more painting on my Eldar.  I also realized that I needed to thin down my yellows a bit more, and now they flow and go on much better!


- Painted a bit more of my Eldar.  I also started a test model for a future Imperial Fists project now that I have a better handle on the yellow situation.

- Played a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse vs Citizen Dawn, and we... got... rocked!  I just don't think we had an ideal team set up for it.

- Played a 4 player game of Warhammer Invasion.  It was Orks and Dark Elves vs Empire and Dwarves.  I ended up losing as the Dark Elf player, but it's such a fun game!  I think I may have to pick some of it up...

- Did a demo game of Netrunner and found it fairly easy to teach.

- Played a game of Elder Sign vs Hastur.  We got close to beating him via Elder Signs, but he ended up awaking on us.  We then ended up defeating him the old fashioned way, without losing a single investigator.

- Finished the night with a game of Smash Up.  I played as Ninja/Robots, and ended up tied for 2nd/3rd at 13 points.


- Played 2 games of Killzone 3. (botzone)  I haven't played KZ in FOREVER, I used to be pretty good, playing both online as well as botzone on the highest setting.  This time around, due to rust, I played botzone on the mid setting.  Did ok K/D wise  at 24/8 and 34/14, but back when I was playing daily those were typical scores for online play and the hardest botzone settings.  I'm now slow, and my aim is a bit off! =P

- Dismantled my Criminal and Weyland decks for Netrunner.  They worked really, really well for me (if you've been reading these, I've been posting my results), so I kept them written down.  Built an Anarch deck for something new on the runner side, and an NBN deck on the corp side.  Hopefully I can test em out sometime soon...


- Played a bunch of L5R.  I lost vs Phoenix using my "for fun" ninja scorpion deck.  Although, the Phoenix player (and myself for not catching it) made a pretty big mistake that affected the outcome of the game.  I then got to play against a real "high end" player visiting the shop.  He runs the semi-local kotei (national) tournaments.  I played his Scorpion Dishonor vs my Crab Berserkers.  The game went in my favor pretty quickly, despite a slow start on my part.  We followed that up with a game against my Scorpion Dishonor vs his KL mantis, and I... got... spanked... HARD!  My deck had a rough start, but it was no real excuse, his deck was just waaay better! Before he left though, he hooked myself and several of the players there up with both free packs and promos!  What a great L5R night!

- Played several games of Netrunner, both using my newly built NBN and Noise decks.  the first two games I used my NBN.  The first game was over so quickly it barely counted!  I waited till I had 2x Scorched Earth in my hand, advanced breaking news to 2 but waited to score next turn. Runner drew cards/gained credits then my turn I scored breaking news and Scorched Earth for the kill.  2nd game went much the same, but at a slower pace as it took longer to get my second Scorched Earth hand.  Then I tried my new Noise deck, and it didn't work so well.  I started the first game hitting hard and fast, scoring several quick agenda points.  Eventually, my deck stalled out, and i couldn't get the final agenda point in time.  Next game with my Noise deck was bad from the start.  Made a couple of dumb plays early on, and the game went south.  Oh well, it was my first time trying Noise out, and I think I learned a thing or two about what I need to do to tweak his deck.  His play style was completely different from earlier Criminal deck, and I think I was still stuck in Criminal mode while playing him.

- Tweaked my Noise deck for Netrunner.

- Picked up the Warhammer: Invasion LCG core box set.


- Played a game with my Noise deck, I lost again, but I'm on the right track as far as deck building goes.  I need to further tweak him a bit more and get some more experience to get a handle on a play style for him.

- Picked up the Game of Thrones LCG core box set in a trade.

- Tweaked my Noise deck again.

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