Sunday, November 18, 2012

This Geek's Week...

A bit light this week... and with being out of town all next week, I predict another light week to come...


- Slapped together a chaos and empire deck for Warhammer: Invasion and a Targaryen Dragon deck for A game of Thrones.


- Tweaked my Scorpion Clan Magistrate and Ninja decks for L5R.

- Picked up a couple of Chapter packs for A game of Thrones.

- Played 6 games of Netrunner.  3 with my Noise deck and 3 with my NBN.  I won all my games with my NBN deck, twice via Scorched Earth kills, and once via agendas.  However, I lost all my games with Noise.  A couple of them were close, but I think I put way too much emphasis on the Viruses, and in general, my economy sucked.  He just seems to take way too much time to set up.  I think I need to play him as more of a normal runner, while using only a few viruses like data sucker to augment his inability to pump up his icebreakers.  If this doesn't work then I'm just going to go back to playing my Criminals exclusively.

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