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Plans for my 40k Eldar army...

Let me preface this by saying I HATE "Net Lists", people who have broken 40k down to numbers and science, ally abusers, the whole lot... for me, it takes a lot of the fun out of the game.  I'm a bit of a fluff player, in that if the fluff says an army doesn't have access to something, I won't use it, if fluff says something is rare, I wont spam it.  That said, I do still strive for some kind competitiveness, and firmly believe there can be some sort of happy medium between a fluff list and a competitive one.  The reason I'm staying all this before hand is so that whomever reads this will know I didn't look up the latest "internet hawt-list" for the Eldar (if there even is such a thing), and as I break down my reasoning behind unit choices, you'll probably notice plenty of "non-optimized units" and poor unit choices as well as 1 or 2 descent ones.

The whole list I made is based off of experience with previous editions, a single demo game of 6th ed, and after reading through the 6th ed rule book... one time.  Needless to say it's all theory crafting.  More important than building a hardcore list, this will serve as a "to buy" list to get me to start collecting and building an Eldar army. In addition, I was looking for a list that would break down easily into other values like 1k, 1500, or 1850.  

With all that said, on with the list!

- Alaitoc Eldar 2k list -

HQ- 338
Eldrad - 210
Farseer - Spear, spirit stones, fortune, guide - 128

Elites - 212
10x Striking Scorpions - Exarch w/ Claw, Shadowstrike, stalker - 212

Troops - 963
10x Wrathguard - 1x Warlock w/ spear, conceal - 399
8x Pathfinders - 192
5x Pathfinders - 120
5x Pathfinders - 120
6x Guardian Jetbikes - 132

Fast - 237
10x Swooping Hawks - Exatch w/ Skyleap -237

Heavy - 150
3x D- Cannon Support Platforms - 150

Fortification- 100
Defense line w/ quad gun - 100

--- 2,000 pts ---

Alright, I'll break everything down...

- As much as I do not like "Counts as" for characters from other chapters, or in this case Craftworld, I find Eldar psykers don't really fit their fluff in terms of effectiveness on the tabletop.  I think Eldrad (or something really close) should be the standard for what all Eldar Farseers should be on the tabletop.  That is my reasoning for including him in my list.  I plan on Eldrad going into the Wraithguard unit, and more than likely choosing the divination tree for his powers.  The 2nd Farseer will join Eldrad and the Wraithguard unit, and using fortune and guide to keep them around and keep em killing stuff.

- The Striking Scorpions have always been my favorite of the aspect warriors, although I have never seemed to have been able to get a lot out of them.  Regardless, I always like to include a unit of them.  I'd even like to one day build a list with more than one unit of them, and include Karandras as well.

- The Wraithguard are my key unit.  I'll have both Eldrad and the Farseer in with them, and I've given the warlock in the unit conceal to make sure I've always got a cover save.  I'm planning on having these guys try and take a central objective, and hopefully with fortune and conceal active they'll be able to weather the storm.  I've played Alaitoc for many, many years, which pretty much requires me to love Rangers/Pathfinders.  Heck, I've even got the Eldar rune for the Rangers tatooed on my forearm!  So, given that Alaitoc has a higher number of Rangers than other Craftworlds, I wanted to make sure I had Rangers making up a good chunk of my troop choices to reflect this.  I originally had 2 large squads, but decided to run with the above set up instead.  I plan to have the larger one in an ideal shooting position, with the smaller units on either side in the hopes that either the opponent will spread out to deal with them or focus on 1 or 2, leaving the others cause a headache.  Finally, the bikes.  A hold over from the previous edition "late game objective rush" tactic.  I'll put these in reserve, to keep them safer, then rush them to either grab an objective or to contest on.

- The swooping hawks seem to be pretty nice in 6th ed.  Leaping down and lobbing grenades onto a tank, while placing a blast template on the board elsewhere as well.  Not to mention, how useful picking up and re deploying them via deepstrike will be as far as scoring goes.  Also I should mention I didn't want to go overboard on too many Fast Attack units so as to not give away extra VP's depending on which mission gets rolled.  Should I roll that mission, being able to skyleap the unit to safety could also come in handy as well.

- Again, I wanted to keep my heavy choices to a single unit so as to not give away VP's should I roll the mission that awards them for killing heavy choices.  I'm hoping they'll be pretty survivable based off of cover, and forcing wounds onto the closest models.  I plan to have them covering the center of the field to make the best use of their 24 inch range since they can eat troops as well as vehicles.

- In mainly because I had 100 points left and wasn't sure where to put them, although I definitely think I could use the extra cover as well as the quad gun to help with flyers since in general Eldar do not have a way to do so within the codex.  I'm thinking of using the defensive line with my D-cannons for the most part for the cover.

In general, I wanted to avoid Vehicles for the most part.  I've used Serpents, Falcons, and whatnot in the past, but I think I'd rather take more models in general as Eldar vehicles are pretty pricey.  I do plan to eventually experiment using other units and styles, including Karandras, or an Avatar, or different aspect warriors, but that will come later!  I'm sure the list has issues, but it's what I'm starting with, and I will continue to modify and tweak along the way.

- WuhSawBe-

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