Sunday, November 4, 2012

This Geek's Week...

This week was pretty much all about MWO!


- Played a couple of games of Mechwarrior online.  Rebuilt my Commando 2-D after the latest wipe for like the 4th time.

- Played several rounds of Mechwarrior online.  If you haven't already, I'd suggest giving it a try as its in open beta right now.  It's more of a mech sim than a twitchy shooter like Call of Duty though, and it's way better if you can get in group to play as tactics are vital!  Give it a try, join and add me under the name "WuhSawBe".

- Played a for more rounds of MWO while my daughter napped.


- Played MWO, then played MWO a ton more!  Literally, for several hours that night.  So, yeah, I've been bit by the Battletech/MWO bug once again!

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