Saturday, July 6, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Working on my retribution light jacks, things are coming along...

- Played more Skyrim.  My Bosmer archer is currently lvl 25, and I'm working on my "glass armor" set.  I've got to do some treasure hunting so I can buy the needed mats...

- Played 2 games of the Star wars LCG.  1st was my Smugglers deck vs Bounty Hunters.  It started off good, I got Han out first thing and he started popping damage and hitting objectives.  Then Han got an "Intimidated" put on him, and was kept out of the game from there through the use of tactics icons.  I was kept on the back foot from there onward, and once a loaded Boba Fett got out, followed by a Vader I knew the game was over.  It was close those, I had destroyed 2 objectives and made a desperate play that didn't pan out for the 3rd and final objective as the Imperial counter hit 11.  Second game was my Imperial navy vs a Rebel/Jedi deck, and was another close one.  I botched my 1st turn, but 2nd turn I put Vader into play and took 1 objective, knocking my counter up to 4.  The rebel player nabbed one of my objectives, and plinked another.  My next turn, I played Tarkin and a superlaser, taking another objective knocking me from 6 to 8, and followed that up with an attack with an MTV-7 for a 3rd objective, taking me up to 11.  It literally only took 3 turns to get within a point of winning.  Then I got greedy and made a mistake, I tried to swing for the game winning objective-kill with Vader and Tarkin.  I needed to win the edge battle, but ended up losing it due to a twist of fate.  Tarkin died, and I was unable to take the final objective.  The rebel player mounted up, and with the help of a well-timed Rebel Assault, was able to take out 2 objectives and steal the win!  The sad part was, I had been expecting an assault to come at some point and was holding onto a card that would have cancelled it the whole game up until that final edge battle with Vader/Tarkin in which I pitched it.  I would have squeeked out a win otherwise.  Oh well, another close, good game!

- Finished "Know No fear", and it was pretty darn good!  While I have read a ton of 40k novels over the years, this was only my 2nd Horus Heresy novel, (Legion, being the other) but I think I can safely say it was probably one of the best 40k novels I have ever read.

- I realized it has been awhile since I read a Star Wars novel, so I picked up "Outbound Flight".  I'm about 100 pages into it, but I'm liking it thus far.

- Ordered the "Assault on Echo Base" force pack for the Star wars LCG along with a couple of the ultra pro dual deck boxes to keep my card gaming bag a bit more organized.

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