Sunday, July 28, 2013

200pt, 2v2 X-Wing game...

A couple of us tried to set up a 2v2 game of X-wing, with each player using 100 pts.  It ended up being 2v1 for the most part, as for some reason the guy that was interested in playing earlier kind of left us hanging at the shop, but after 2 or 3 turns into it, another player jumped in on my side taking over Vader/Bounty Hunter squad.  We also set a 2 hour time limit, so we could get other gaming in that night as well.  While not a true batrep, here's what I was running, and some of the interesting points from the game...

Squad 1 -
7x Academy Pilots

Squad 2-
Darth Vader w/ Assault Missile
2x Bounty Hunters (generic firespray)

Rebels: (to the best of my memory)
Squad 1-
Chewie in the falcon
Cheap Y-wing
**There was an assault missile in there somewhere

Squad 2 -
Biggs, loaded up.  Extra shields, Extra defense dice, etc.
Luke Skywalker.

As I said before, we set a time limit so we wouldn't end up playing just a single game of X-wing all night.  We also used a 4x4 table instead of the typical 3x3 due to the size of the game, we still used my regular 3x3 black mat though, as otherwise the ships would have been slipping around everywhere due to the slick table surface.  So keep in mind, that ships may sometimes appear "out of bounds" in the picture, but actually are not.  Anyway, here's some of the highlights...

My opponent set up everything close together, in a formation around the Falcon, center of the field.  I set up with my Academy Pilots on my right side, in a formation that left space a bit over range-band 1 between each as my opponent knows I like to TIE Swarm so I expected to see an assault missile. (which I did)  The 2 Bounty Hunters in the Firesprays were kind of center-left, and Vader and Backstabber were far left.  My idea was to flank backstabber and Vader up the side, the Bounty Hunters would fly straight up and through the opposing lines to take advantage of their front and back firing, and the TIE swarm would do its thing up the right flank.

The Rebel fleet moved center, swinging a bit towards backstabber and Vader, and I started to wrap around.  Vader fired his assault missile at Biggs, scoring a hit and a crit, but the crit was soaked by Chewie, the missile's effect took a shield off every rebel ship.  Backstabber was 1st to die, and died quickly.  I had pretty much pinned the Rebels in, taking shots at em from the back with my TIES, the Bounty Hunters pounding on them, even Vader was getting his shots in, taking out Luke.  (Father kills the son)

My Bounty Hunters proved to be a good little roadblock, which stalled the Rebel fleet for a turn, letting me pump a few extra shots into them before they ended up breaking through to my left side.  The Rebels circled around to face my wall of TIES.  They managed to take out a TIE or two, but I returned the favor.

Here came a mistake on my part.  I expected the Rebels to try and rush forward and flip behind me, so I tried my best to clog up the middle position.  Instead,  the whole Rebel fleet went right, towards my board edge.  Breaking through my little "Imperial Blockade" I had set up.  I had a TIE turned around and able to take some shots, as well as my Bounty Hunters.  This is where we called time.

By the end of it, I had lost 3 TIES, Vader was damaged, and the shields off one of the Bounty Hunters was stripped.  In return, Luke was shot down, along with Horten and the cheap Y-Wing.  The Falcon had lost some shields,  Biggs was heavily damaged (1 hp left), and I'm pretty sure Wedge was hurting too.  The final score was Imperials scored 95 while the Rebels scored 45.  The rebels had decked everything out with multiple upgrades, so each loss really hurt them point wise.  Had we continued, I would have focused Biggs first, then Wedge, and finally started to take down the giant tank that was/is the Falcon.  All in all, it was a fun game!

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