Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jedi Mind tricks - This is not the deck you are looking for...

Here's my current Jedi deck I'm running.  The idea is be hard to kill with guardians and shields, while attempting to try and control the other player's big characters through Jedi Mind tricks.  That's the idea anyway!  Often times in my past Jedi decks, I've been really defensive, but often lacked punch.  I'm hoping this current iteration solves some of the offensive punch issues as I've included more cards with unit damage (blaster icons) into the deck.  Here's what my current deck looks like:

- Jedi -
2x A Hero's Journey
2x In You Must Go (that's what she said) *couldn't help it*
2x Forgotten Heroes
2x The Secret of Yavin 4
2x Jedi Training

- A Hero's Journey -
Chosen for: Luke Skywalker, Jedi Lightsaber, and Trust Your Feelings.

- In You Must Go -
Chosen for: Yoda, Shii-Cho Training.  Counter-stroke may come in handy as well.  I've yet to figure how to properly utilize Yoda, most of the time I just commit him to the force...

- Forgotten Heroes -
Chosen for: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Mind Trick, and the Jedi in Hiding adds some blaster icons.  There's plenty of force users in the deck, so the ability is nice as well.

- The Secret of Yavin 4 -
Chosen for: ummm, everything?!?  Guardians of the Peace, Lightsaber Deflection, Twist of Fate, and even C-3PO can come in handy.

- Jedi Training -
Chosen for: Jedi in Hiding, and Jedi Mind Tricks.  The objective ability and Ancient Monument help make sure I easily keep the force on the lightside...

There you have it!  Utilize the Guardian's shielding and damage redirect to keep my key characters alive, while using Mind Tricks to try and keep the opponent's key characters exhausted.  Still gotta figure out how I should utilizing Yoda properly...

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