Saturday, July 6, 2013

My continually evolving Imperial Navy deck...

One of the things I love about the Star wars LCG is how in these early stages of the game; decks really seem to evolve with each new force pack.  My Imperial Navy deck is no exception.  It started out as a true Navy deck, running squads of TIEs and capital ships, but my current iteration really is more of a Stormtrooper deck.  I haven't really tested it out all that much, but the games I have played it in have been pretty fun.  Here's what I have been running...

(Up to "A Dark Time" force pack)

- Imperial Navy -
2x A Dark Time for the Rebellion
2x Lord Vader's Command
2x The Ultimate Power
2x Death and Despayre
2x Imperial Command

I tend to play aggressive, the idea is to destroy objectives, getting their values stacking in order to quickly boost up the dial.  It's not perfect, could use more testing, and not to mention it will probably change with each new force pack.  I'll briefly go into my objective choices...

- A Dark Time for the Rebellion -
So many good things here!  The objective's ability to force the opponent to either damage a unit or objective each turn is nice.  This set also comes with MTV-7's and Colonel Starck, both of which can feed off damaged objectives.  The Moorsh Moraine also helps burn down objectives faster.

- Lord Vader's Command -
Darth Vader is really nice in here.  Imperial Suppression can definitely come in handy to buy yourself a turn from a pesky rebel assault.

- The Ultimate Power -
Grand Moff Tarkin is nice!  He helps destroy objectives faster, brings a resource to the table, not to mention with a tactics icon and elite he can be both committed to the force and/or used to attack or defend in a pinch if need be.  Superlaser Blast is also nice, and there are Stormtroopers in here to fit the deck theme as well.

- Death and Despayre -
This will honestly be what potentially gets cut from the deck as new stuff comes along, as this was a hold over from the earlier navy deck.  That said, there are some nice things, but they are situational.  Both the Imperial Officer and Devastator, let you up the dial by one when you destroy an objective at the cost of a resource.  Not to mention the Devastator is pretty nice, but expensive. 

- Imperial Command -
Admiral Motti is pretty useful, he brings 2 resource, and his ability can be useful if you find yourself loaded down with focus.  His 3 bubbles are nice, and he only has an edge enabled objective damage, so he could be a decent character to commit to the force if you are not using him for resources.  Then there's Orbital Bombardment, giving every unit you control an extra objective damage.  Finally, there's more Stormtroopers to fit the deck's theme.

There you have it!  I'm looking forward to further testing and future tweaks, but the deck is definitely a lot fun to play.  That, and I do love me some Stormtroopers... 501st for life!

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