Sunday, July 21, 2013

Assault on Echo Base - Imperial Navy deck

With the arrival of the latest force pack, my Imperial Navy deck continues to evolve. (Kinda like a PoKe'MoN!)  I dropped a few things from the last version, and it now sits as a Trooper/Walker deck.  Anyway, here's what I'm running and a bit of why...

- Imperial Navy -
2x Imperial Command
2x The Ultimate Power
2x The General's Imperative
2x The Endor Gambit
1x Sabotage in the Snow
1x A Dark Time for the Rebellion

This time, instead of really digging into each set individually, I'll just briefly point out why each set was chosen.

- Imperial Command -
Chosen for: Orbital Bombardment, Admiral Motti, and the Stormtroopers.

- The Ultimate Power -
Chosen for: Superlaser Blast, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Stormtrooper elite.

- The General's Imperative -
Chosen for: General Veers, Blizzard Force AT-ST, and while the objective's ability is a nice bonus, I don't expect it's effects to remain in play for very long.  Dropped the Death and Despayre set from my earlier deck for this...

- The Endor Gambit -
Chosen for: the AT-ST, and the AT-ST Commander.  I'm a bit iffy on if this set is necessary or not.  I dropped the Vader set in my previous deck for this one, I may miss Vader's ability and Imperial Suppression.  I may swap this one back, or to something else in the future depending on what gets released. Time and testing will tell...

- Sabotage in the Snow -
Chosen for: The objective's ability, the Snowtroopers, and the Forward Command post.

- A Dark Time for the Rebellion -
Chosen for: The objective ability, The Moorsh Moraine, MTV-7, and Colonel Starck.  I ran 2 of these in my earlier deck, so I dropped ended up dropping one of them to fit the above Sabotage in the Snow in.

The basic idea behind the deck remains the same.  Play aggressive, destroy objectives to get the dial bonuses stacking.  I imagine the walkers being the primary offense, while the troopers and characters with tactics icons stick to defense.  Keep in mind, that is a rough general statement.  I'm sure I'll end up sending out trooper's to assault objectives at some point during every game.

I'm looking forward to testing this deck out and the coming weeks, and watching it continue to evolve over time...

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